5 Ways to Build A Six-Figure Business From Your Laptop

November 27 - Kendrick Shope

It seems like these days, everyone's glued to their laptops, iPhone screens and what-have-you. The good news is you can build a business right from your laptop, though; no need to attend in-person meetings (is this a good thing or a bad thing? Who knows. Let's just go with it).

Here are 5 ways to build a thriving, six-figure business right from your desktop:

  1. The most important thing is to know who your business helps and how you help them.

    You could create a service based business that teaches your customers how to have more fulfilling lives, coaches them on how to lose weight, or even how to run an effective business.

2. Create a short term, easy to deliver offer

...and do it for free for 10 people or a sample product and deliver it to 10 people for feedback. This allows you to test the idea and is market research for your business.

3. Sell

If you enjoyed the short term offer, your next step is to sell it for a low price while you’re building your website and brand. I would recommend working with a business expert at this point to help you create a website that converts.

4. Begin sharing about this offer on social media

...with Instagram Lives, Facebook Lives, and create a Facebook group of your ideal customers. Overdeliver and coach for FREE in that group so that people tell others about your group and how amazing your offers are

5. Add onto the short term offer by asking yourself the following questions, add onto your offer, and raise the price.

  1. What did I enjoy about the short term offer?
  2. How can I create more of that in my offerings?
  3. Where are my customers needing additional help or assistance?
  4. How can I create raving fans with my offer?
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