5 Ways to Make Genuine Connections with Your Clients

October 31 - Valerie Sarron

Client experience must be your top priority when it comes to running a services-based business. Whatever services you provide, it’s important to keep client perspective in mind. However, making genuine connections with your clients is an art in and of itself.

VS Photography is a beauty and boudoir photography studio. Boudoir photography is an intimate interpretation of portraiture and encourages women to embrace their confidence and unique beauty while creating a memory that will last forever. But, boudoir photography is also a sensitive line of work when it comes to connecting with clients and making them feel at ease.

In order for the experience I provide to run smoothly, I must make genuine connections with my clients before they walk in the door. This ensures a comfortable environment, client satisfaction, and honest images.

  1. Establish point of contact and conversation before your business begins.

    When you’re in the business of providing a personalized experience, it’s always a good idea to get to know your client before the fun begins. For example, I always provide complimentary over-the-phone or in-person consultations. This allows us to become acquainted and establish a rapport before the photography session. Clients want to know a bit about YOUR personality and candor in order to establish trust.

2. Ask questions and find out about THEIR needs.

Making the extra effort to understand your client’s vision and expectations can only benefit both parties. While you know exactly what it’s like to experience your services, it’s your client’s first time. It’s important for them to fully understand the scope of your work. One way to do this? After an initial consultation, I typically send out a detailed questionnaire in order to better understand my client’s personality, hopes for their session, and their general aesthetic.

3. Personalize their experience.

Put yourself in your client's shoes and treat every experience with a new client as a fresh start. I like to personalize every photography session according to my client’s individual needs. For example, I feature a quiz which helps determine your unique boudoir style. I then tailor the session to suit them. Adding extra personalized touches (like a veil or white silk robe for my bridal boudoir clients) can go a long way!

4. Be your client's cheerleader.

You want people to feel genuinely excited about your upcoming services. Your attitude towards your own business determines other people’s feelings towards it as well. As I’ve mentioned, boudoir is a sensitive area of photography because my clients must feel comfortable in order to have a great session. My main goal is making sure the ladies who come in for a session feel confident in their own skin and ensure an exciting, empowering experience for them!

5. Follow up.

Leave a lasting impression even after your business has come to an end. Sometimes a simple thank you note or small follow up note to see how their experience went makes all the difference!

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