How to be Successful as a Hacktivist and CEO : with Josephine Goube

July 2 - Joséphine Goube

Using her tech expertise, knowledge of community organization, and interest in empowering refugee and migrant populations, Joséphine Goube created Techfugees. Below she shares with us her tips for being successful as a hacktivist for migrants and refugees’ social inclusion and CEO of a nonprofit.

Stay Off Social

Don't look at your phone the first hour of waking up so you can prioritize, clear your mind and figure out what you want to achieve in your day. It's important not to get pulled into other people's priorities or waste energy reacting to everyday news and stimuli.

Take The Good With The Bad

Always look at each experience, both good and bad, as a learning curve. Regardless of what happens, you are always learning.

Be An Active Listener

Listen. You have two ears and one mouth. Listen more than you talk at meetings, as well as with everyone you meet.

Today's Woman To Watch is Joséphine Goube, the CEO of Techfugees, a nonprofit coordinating the tech community to respond to the refugee and migrant challenge in 25 countries throughout the world, promoting the use of mobile and new digital technologies to empower the displaced and provide them access to information, health care and education. To learn more about her story, click here!

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