Four Ways You Can Start Making a Difference in Your Community

June 4 - Alex Longoria

Every day, somewhere in the world, there are injustices happening. Have you sat behind your computer or in front of your television and wondered, “What can I do to make a difference?” We’re here to help you find ways to identify those charitable volunteer communities so you can begin making an impact.

Where to start

Choosing an organization can be overwhelming. Just knowing where to find them can be even more challenging. Thankfully, these websites can help you choose the perfect fit based on what issues are most important to you.

Find a cause that’s right for you.

What are your strengths? Are there talents you possess that could help others?

For example, perhaps you’re a web developer with a knack for teaching. You could volunteer your time at after-school programs in your area that teach underprivileged students the basics of coding and computer science. Perhaps you own a restaurant and want to cut back on food waste. You could volunteer to donate food to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Network and make connections.

By becoming involved, you will meet so many new people and expand your social network and your community. By becoming involved, you can begin building strong relationships that may help you in the future.

Paying it forward

The more you become involved with the community, the more the community will begin recognizing your efforts and start making efforts of their own. By helping others, the community will recognize you and become inspired by the amazing work you do for others. You may even motivate others in the community or those you helped to begin giving back after they remember the compassion and kindness you extended to them.

Today's Woman to Watch is Tina Hagen, the co-founder of Saruni International, a nonprofit that works to rescue, restore and release vulnerable young women and girls in Kenya from forced and unwanted arranged marriage to become healthy and productive adults women. Click this link to learn more!

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