Behind the Scenes at OTD: A Series Showcasing the Different Lives of Women Today

July 5 - Taylor Marshall

In case you missed the kick-off last Tuesday, On The Dot Woman has launched a new series on Instagram called Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life.

In this series, a different member of our team will be hopping on our Instagram stories on Tuesdays and taking you through her daily routine, morning ‘til night! What better way to advocate for transparency and realness than showing you all, up close and personal, what we do on a daily basis?

We were inspired by the idea of connecting more with our followers. It is our hope that through this series, we can share what makes us feel our best and helps us to be our best selves so that we can all learn from each other.

In the spirit of diversity, this series will portray the lives of many different women that we have on our team. We have everyone, from a successful CEO and businesswoman to college interns!

We’ll look at how the following groups of working women spend their days. Through documenting our differences, we’ll take a look at what works and what doesn’t for each demographic:

The Successful CEO

There is an instant well of inspiration to be tapped into when you know a woman founded her own company. Our founder and CEO, Melinda Garvey, founded not one, but two successful companies. From waking up early and crushing a workout, to bringing her empowering energy to meetings throughout the day, we can’t wait to get a blow-by-blow of this empowered lifestyle.

The Working Mom

The title of a mom? Instant respect. Working jobs to simultaneously chase her dreams and provide for her family? Insanely inspirational. The ability to juggle a family and a career is incredible, and we can’t wait to see the nitty gritty details of how this plays out throughout a day!

The Millennial Employee

Although wistfully traveling the world and “living your best life” may be a typical thought as to what millenials would like to spend their time doing, some are finding other ways to live their best life: by setting lofty goals and spending each day climbing toward them. From the dazzling days to the not-so-sparkly days, millennial women are crushing it. We are looking forward to seeing how a woman in this age-bracket balances it all.

The College Intern

At On The Dot, age is but a number— we have several aspiring college interns on our team. While balancing school and nourishing budding lives, our college interns bring their fresh perspective to our projects and their ambitious energy to our team. The daily life of these girls is interesting and unconventional, especially during the summer, as they are kicking up their feet during a break from class while also looking into work for their internship.

I’ve already kicked off our series! In case you missed it, here are a few highlights of a typical day for me as a college (editorial) intern, as seen on Insta stories last week:

Be sure to tune in later this month, when we feature our next BTS!

And also we would love it if you’d comment on this post by letting us know your favorite way to start the day— we’d be thrilled to have a look at your life, too. :)

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