The Motivated Millennial: Behold Bleisure, the Newest Work-life Trend

February 20 - Taylor Marshall

“Bleisure”— a word that represents the fusion of business and leisure—is a very fitting topic to be found in the millennial generation.

First of all, what is “bleisure”, you may ask? Bleisure is simply the combination of business trips and pleasure to make a little vacation for young professionals. A recent study confirmed 50 percent of millennials book a vacation around a work trip.

A lot of business professionals are tacking on a few extra days to business trips, allowing for a little R&R at the end of the work assignments before heading back to their daily lives. (Sounds simple enough.) Despite the non-complexity of the concept, though, it’s getting a surprising amount of seems to be the trend with all-things-millennial.

Perhaps the source of this leisure criticism is the raw reputation of millennials: Maybe it’s because millennials are known for missing some characteristic steps into adulthood due to dependency. Maybe it’s because they’re known for being “needy” and wanting “me" time during work, thus earning the “me first” reputation.

The list could go on, but here’s the thing: In life, if you are succeeding, someone will be questioning you, and that is a concept that transcends generations. If you’re succeeding, your intentions will be questioned. Your tactics will be questioned. You will be questioned.

But in the bubble of your success, are you showing up as your best self? Are you striving toward your goals? Do you have balance in your life? If you can answer “yes” to each of those questions, you are beating the majority. Age bracket doesn’t factor into answering these questions, either. Millennials are even on the playing field when it comes to the possibility for success and the way they handle themselves within it, and they have just as much of a right to choose the way they set themselves up to achieve that success as anyone else.

In my opinion, the ability to find enjoyment in the little things is very important and should be considered a success. As the “self-care” and “you deserve it!” mindset and business mindset begin to fuse, business professionals need to find their place in the new, fresh environment; if that means standing desks and smoothie bowls at lunch, then so be it. If that means an extra three days tacked on to a business trip so that you can come back refreshed and ready to crush your next goal, then so be it.

It’s time to melt away the judgement and stigma around anything from simple self-care acts to lavishness, because at the end of the day, it’s how you show up for yourself, your company, and your peers that matters.

So, what should we take away from this? I think that bleisure trips are not a representation of selfishness or excess, but instead, are a strong representation of millennials and their ability to make the best of their circumstances.

As the times rush forward, you can count on millennials to race alongside them. With all industries progressing, this business-pleasure-fusion is a way to improve your presence in the workplace by showing up as your best self in the time period you are there.

Adaptability. Freshness. Energy.
These are the qualities that need to flood the workplace and wash away judgement, out-of-place criticism, selfishness, and other toxic qualities that stick around simply because we entertain them. It’s time to take out the office trash and be sure that all of the arrogance and nosy judgement goes with it. It’s time to redecorate with love and inclusiveness. Maybe this might seem more achievable with a cocktail in hand on the beach after closing a massive business deal—but only time will tell.

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