Sheena Sharma

Editor and Content Strategist

Sheena is the editor and content strategist at On The Dot. She's previously written women's content at millennial website Elite Daily as well as for her personal blog,

Sheena was raised by a single mom and became passionate about empowering women from a super young age, after seeing her mom be a boss lady both at work and at home. As Sheena got older, she became specifically interested in empowering women from oppressed societies and cultures around the world. (Not to mention, she wanted to be just like her mama.)

At On The Dot, Sheena's mission is to highlight the professional accomplishments of a diverse pool of women. Now more than ever, women of color are taking the country by storm, but it's equally important to share the struggles they’ve faced on our professional journeys. Sheena hopes that by sharing women’s stories, other marginalized women that may not feel the courage to speak up about their struggles will gain that courage. Hey, we millennials, especially, could learn a thing or two, and Sheena's super excited to inform and inspire them at On The Dot.

Twitter: @sheenaxsharma

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