7 Ways to Reach Elite Status

November 2 - Gloria Mayfield Banks

Reaching elite status requires hard work. You won't get to the top without devising a plan and following it, especially in a sales career! Sales are not for the faint of heart, but rather, for those with tons of stamina and determination.

If you've got the skin for sales, here are 7 ways to reach elite status in your career:

  1. Work your zip code: 5-2-6-3-1. Do this consistently!

    -FIVE new leads every day.
    -Place TWO appointments on your books every day.
    See SIX fresh faces/decision makers every week.
    -Interview THREE new team members every week.
    -Be accountable to someone ONCE every week.

2. Build confidence in yourself and those you are invested in.

There is no way to become super bad, all day long without confidence. It's impossible to become confident without courage. Courage with confidence gives you the choices to make your dreams a reality! Period.

3. Choose the correct, passionate, Right Now goal.

Learn to work on the next most important goal that pushes you toward your ultimate goal.

4. Assemble a strong team.

Be willing to go from pain to gain. Commit to changing the lives of your team members. Provide a vision for your team to step into. Present the opportunity to enough people to build your skills and get the yes needed to grow your team.

5. Learn to win. Like to win. Teach others to win.

Know how to cross the finish line, well, every time. Developing an attitude of failure is NOT an option.

6. Investment and sacrifice is required.

Invest in your personal growth, events, travel, training, and your product. Remember investment in your network marketing business is still much lower than any other business that you can scale big.

7. Use YOUR gifts.

Your commitment to success must be grounded in knowing this industry works, and works well. Your success depends on what you choose to bring and invest in. You must choose to use your gifts. Do not try to compare your gifts with those of others.

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