Three Things Worth Fighting For: Your Happiness, Your Dreams & Your Ambition

October 11 - Carolyn Cole

Life today is so unrecognizable from what it was even twenty years ago. None of us were meant to keep the frantic pace we keep today. It’s insane. Yet everything in our immediate world is designed to convince us our crazy fast pace is not only normal, but that we should be doing more.

No one will tell you that today, above all, you need to fight for three things that will make all the difference in how you live life - and calm it - on your terms.

1. Fight for your happiness

That’s right. Softer souls will say let happiness gently find you. That works for some. If you are whirling faster than a top, however, you must be clear with yourself and others that you aim to be happy.

Fight to put happiness into your schedule. Fight the senseless guilt, even shame that has been trained into you that happiness makes you less professional, less driven, less successful or even, on some level, selfish. The exact opposite is true. Happier people enjoy and experience larger, lasting success than unhappy ones, and better relationships, too. No surprise there.

2. Fight for your dreams, both big ones and small ones

...And I am talking about your real ‘heart’ dreams. The ones that get you excited to be on the planet. You need these dreams to feel ‘alive’. When you not only fight for them, but achieve them, that’s your path to a full life.

If no one has ever told you, you are here to live fully. Anything less and you will feel it. You will also feel the pangs of regret. Remember, living a life of no regrets is not only a powerful decision, it’s a lifestyle. Make it your lifestyle. Live it.

3. Fight for your ambition.

Yes, the word is so positive for men, but women as a whole take great pride in rejecting it. How completely shortsighted. Do not be that woman. Be ambitious about your life, career, business, relationships, investments, finances, social causes, health, spiritual pursuits... all of it.

Ambition is simply defined as ‘desire and determination to achieve success’. There is no sensible way to make that definition a negative. If you feel yourself doing that, then check in with yourself to see if you are defaulting to your training of ‘playing small’ as a woman. Women are largely taught to play small, in order to make others feel big. Reality is, playing small only makes you small. It will never make the other person bigger. Your life will be fully rewarding when you show up determined to achieve those things most important to you.

Fight for all three. Be a warrior and champion for your full life, success and happiness. They’re worth fighting for and so are you. Start now, on your terms.

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