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August 21 - On The Dot

There’s a pretty major phenomenon that no one’s talking about. It doesn’t involve rainbows or solar eclipses. It’s the fact that every time I have a good hair day, I don’t have any plans. I don’t think I’m alone in this. And it’s been an issue since I was a kid. When it came to school-picture day, my cowlick always came out to party, my left side perfectly wavy, my right side a frizzy foe. If you ask any woman about her hair, she will have at least one criticism—if not an entire detailed diatribe. If we all have such complaints, doesn’t that mean there’s no such thing as a perfect hair day?


While my bad-hair phenomenon hasn’t been scientifically tested, how women feel about our manes has been studied. According to a survey conducted by beauty and personal-care brand Dove, only 7 percent of U.S. women say they love their hair, with survey participants noting hair care is their number one morning-routine priority—more important than eating breakfast, applying makeup or getting extra beauty rest!

WOMAN TO WATCH: Alexandra Cristin, Founder and CEO of Glam Seamless Hair Extensions

Today’s Woman to Watch, Alexandra Cristin, has that kind of hair that would make most women weep with jealousy. She flaunts long, bouncy curls that look effortless, elegant and chic. So, what’s her secret? Though Alexandra could totally get away with claiming Mother Nature simply blessed her with lovely tresses, the truth is she relies on Glam Seamless Hair Extensions, a product she created, and a business that’s growing such a following, it might make your hair stand on end. The popularity of Alexandra’s brand makes sense. After all, life is too short to live with bad hair!

Alexandra has spent her career in the limelight, working for such entertainment-industry icons as MTV and Access Hollywood, and even strutting her stuff as a plus-size model, so she’s keenly aware that the hair makes the gal in show biz. I mean, if you take just a glance at any television host, you certainly won’t see kinked, greasy or dull locks. Buoyancy is key to getting the perfect on-air style, but as Alexandra knows from firsthand experience, there’s no such thing as naturally perfect hair. That’s why she depended on hair extensions for years, trying every method, from sew-ins and clip-ins to fusion, but was consistently frustrated at the quality of bulky clip-ins and wispy ends—the ultimate giveaway that she was wearing extensions. But instead of living with mediocre hair, this enterprising lady did something about it, launching Glam Seamless in 2012, to great success.

Glam Seamless’ tape-in hair extensions—which are eco-friendly, created using only environmentally friendly materials and ingredients to guarantee the highest quality—allow the wearer to add volume and length in about half an hour in the salon chair. There are even more than 50 base color options available, from traditional bronzed chestnut and butter blonde to ombré, vivid and pastel shades. There’s no need for special tools or chemicals, and the extensions are long-lasting (as long as 12 weeks) and can be reused as many as three times. These semi-permanent, natural-looking extensions are workout-friendly, lightweight and a breeze to maintain. Maybe that’s why Glam Seamless has become a worldwide hit, even gaining popularity in international hotspots like Australia, Germany and Dubai.

When Alexandra launched her company, she didn’t have any investors or even a business plan. But today, Glam Seamless boasts 100 percent revenue growth year over year, and pulls in about $1 million in revenue annually. It’s Alexandra’s grit and determination that got her here—that and, of course, a fab blowout!


We’re sure Alexandra Cristin would agree with this quote from supermodel Iman, who said:

“Glamour never takes a day off.”

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