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December 1 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Pitching Your Tent

From movies like Moonrise Kingdom and Bushwhacked to staking out your riverside spot for a Fourth of July weekend, camping is a recreational activity that many love, and it has been a part of the human experience since, well, I guess before the evolution of houses. If the most you’ve camped involved pitching a tent in your backyard, that’s OK. But you might be surprised at all the wondrous spots throughout the world perfect for a camping adventure. There are the clear waters and scenic views at Boya Lake Provincial Park in Canada, the rugged landscapes of the barely inhabited Isle of Arran in Scotland and the breathtaking skylines of the Appalachian Trail at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Wherever your sleeping bag may lie, wherever you choose to pitch your tent, keep on exploring, ladies!


Of course, camping doesn’t have to just be about taking in the outdoors. If you want a mix of nature and pop culture, maybe you should consider a camping excursion at a music festival. It’s a great way to stake claim to a cozy spot while enjoying the wonders of festival life, and can truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But here’s the thing: We humans make a lot of messes along the way, and it’s paramount that once we’ve had our fun, we leave no trace behind. After one recent music event, the 2017 Glastonbury Festival in England, which hosted about 200,000 attendees, festival-goers abandoned some 5,000 tents and left literally tons of garbage behind, requiring organizers to spend about six weeks and 800,000 pounds to clean up the extensive mess.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Amanda Campbell, Founder and CEO of Comp-A-Tent

You know when you hear about a newly invented, super-cool idea and wonder how the heck it didn’t exist before? Well, we’ve definitely got one for you today: Comp-A-Tent, the world’s first lightweight, completely compostable tent. This environmentally friendly camping structure is the brainchild of Amanda Campbell, an innovative whiz kid who pioneered the idea while she was still in school.

Since she was a teenager, Amanda has been an avid fan of music festivals, attending dozens of them throughout the years. So, it makes sense that when Amanda was a student in architectural studies at University College London, for her final-year design project, she brainstormed how to provide the average festival-goer, many of whom consider their festival tents throw-away purchases, a tent they could dispose of with a minimal environmental impact and a clean conscience. It was a stellar concept, and even garnered Amanda a Bright Ideas Award to fund her tent patent.

Forgotten or disposed of festival tents are typically made of not so environmentally friendly materials, and often end up in landfills, where they never break down, instead leaching hazardous toxins into the ground. Conversely, Comp-A-Tents, made from bio-based or highly recyclable materials, can be composted, with materials decomposing into carbon dioxide, fertile soil and water after a mere 120 days.

Currently, limited-edition Comp-A-Tents are available for some festivals. Campers simply pick up their Comp-A-Tents at the festival and return them at the same collection point to receive their deposit back or get a free festival T-shirt as a reward for being environmentally friendly and awesome. Comp-A-Tents will be widely available by summer 2018, so consider picking up one of these eco tents for your music-festival escapades next year.

Thanks, Amanda, for coming up with a marvelous earth-friendly camping solution that maximizes resources today without taking from tomorrow. As Amanda says, “Give everything. Take nothing.”


With Amanda Campbell and Comp-A-Tent in mind, I’ll leave you with this quote from actress and activist Marlee Matlin, who said:

“The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth.”

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