Amy Banse: One of the Most Powerful Women in Cable

February 19 - Sarah Ashlock


During a recent trip, I had to rent one of those airport carts to haul my luggage. It’s the first time I’ve done so. Usually, I either schlep my suitcases myself or score a lonely one in the corner near baggage claim. For the first time, I saw the price: five bucks. My mind reeled. Five dollars for four wobbly wheels whose sole purpose is to get me to my shuttle outside? What’s funny is that I would easily drop twice that on a coffee and muffin in the terminal, so why did a Lincoln feel like a lot in this situation? Is it how I was raised? Money seems to more or less depend on the circumstances and person. What personal experiences have influenced your financial outlook?


These kind of money biases, as I’m going to call them, are just one area in which we humans have opinions. For instance, there are plenty of reasons why many still feel that women shouldn’t be in charge. Maybe they have unconscious bias, maybe their toxic mother marred their view of women forever, maybe they are just out for themselves. Nearly half of men think that women are well represented in leadership positions, even though a mere 10 percent of senior leaders are, in fact, women.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Amy Banse, Managing Director & Head of Funds at Comcast Ventures

Psychology Today describes something called “money disorders,” which may include denying one’s finances by leaving that bank statement unopened, spending compulsively, or pretending to have more money than you actually have. Fostering a healthy relationship with money (you know, the thing that makes the world go ‘round) is a sure-fire way to get ahead, particularly as a woman. Take Amy Banse, for example.

Amy’s the managing director and head of funds at Comcast Ventures, following more than a 20-year career at the company. She’s responsible for investing and acquiring companies to broaden Comcast’s portfolio. Such well-known companies include Birchbox, Madison Reed, Nextdoor and Houzz. Amy is also on the boards of Adobe and Clorox, among other companies.

When she first joined the Comcast team in the early 90s, she started as an in-house attorney. (When it comes to all things money-related, everyone needs an Alicia Florrick a la The Good Wife to keep the biz on the straight and narrow). Now, Amy’s in charge of an investing team with more than a dozen others, all of whom are men.

Comcast Ventures is represented by Amy around the world, as she speaks about content consumption in a digital world. As one of the Most Powerful Women in Cable, Amy provides a lot of insight into how media’s evolving at rapid speed. During the Paley Center’s International Council Summit in 2017, Amy spoke as the only woman on a panel.

She explains that there’s an explosion in content and business models, like subscription models and VR content. As someone who has spent decades in this space, what’s admirable about Amy is her ability to move with the new waves of the industry. She doesn’t get stuck on what it was, like 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. Instead, she adapts, embraces and propels forward.


With a net worth of $50 million, Greek-American writer and businesswoman, Arianna Huffington said:

"You have to do what you dream of doing, even while you're afraid."

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