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September 28 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: When One Grows, We All Grow

Have you ever had an experience with a co-worker or friend who seemed to want you to mess up? It’s weird, right? Maybe they want to feel powerful, or maybe they’re just feeling insecure. Perhaps you’ve been that person yourself. I mean, chances are we all have at one point or another.

Modern women have a lot to balance every day, and no one is perfect. If you receive a snarky chuckle from a co-worker as you stumble over a word or spill coffee on your blouse, brush it off. And instead of being that judgy, dramatic woman who jumps at the chance to persecute others, make the effort today to offer a warm, helping hand to someone else who’s having a rough day. Part of the responsibility of being a modern woman means helping to lift others up, because when one grows, we all grow.


A lot of archaic mechanisms and methodologies have gone by the wayside when it comes to modern times. The Dewey Decimal System is long forgotten and the fax machine, hopefully, has reached the point of no return. But some modes of communication are here to stay, including word-of-mouth. You may not regularly pick up the landline telephone or handwrite a letter to impart some news to your girlfriends, but you’re still sharing.

And Latina women, who often communicate with friends and family throughout the world, are leading the charge when it comes to social networking as a form of communication. In fact, according to a recent study, 56 percent of Latinas in the United States use social networking as a means of sharing information with others in the U.S. and Latin America.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Ana Lilian Flores, Founder of Latina Bloggers Connect and #WeAllGrow Summit

Given that last statistic, it’s no surprise there is a rapidly growing number of Latina bloggers making their mark on the Internet. Driven by a desire to build a tighter online Latina community, Ana Lilian Flores created Latina Bloggers Connect, the first and biggest group of digital Latina influencers in the United States. Real women get to talk about real things and connect with others throughout the world. By Latinas, for Latinas, the group touts the idea that teamwork builds community.

Ana started Latina Bloggers Connect on her own, growing the online community by chatting with other bloggers and marketers, as well as creating some killer content. With a little hard work and a whole lot of talent, Ana has an impressive client roster too, including Coca-Cola, Lexus, Hyatt Hotels and Mary Kay. Once women started connecting through Ana’s site, they created new, fresh ideas of their own. Latina Bloggers Connect members were some of the first to create bilingual Twitter parties and Instagram and Pinterest campaigns for brands.

The site features sections for both brands and bloggers. If you’re just starting out as a Latina blogger, explore Ana’s site to discover tips for bloggers and must-use social-media sites.

Ana has long been a producer and writer for a variety of Latin TV networks, so, she knows the power of media. And she’s no stranger to connecting people via technology. Her first online project was SpanglishBaby, an award-winning online resource for women raising bilingual children. She’s also co-authored a book called Bilingual is Better, and has served as a member of the United Nations Foundation’s Influence Project. Ana is always one for innovating, and her newest project is #WeAllGrow Summit, a professional and experiential conference for Latinas in the digital space.

By seeing a need and filling it, Ana has provided an outlet for women to feel connected, tell their stories, build their creative portfolios and grow a community of authentic Latina voices.


Ana Lilian Flores would no doubt agree with actress and spokesmodel Natalie Martinez, who said:

“Being Latina, for me, is also being a strong woman.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice.

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