Aylin Doker: She’s Coming Up Rosé

October 17 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: In Vino Veritas

This summer, I went on a wine tour in Northern California. Girl, I was living my best life. I completed the tour with many bottles, a couple friends and a wine-club subscription. While I’m a bona fide wine aficionado these days, it took me awhile to get here. When I tried my first sip of wine years ago, I didn’t get it, thinking it tasted like weird grape juice. Eventually, I learned to appreciate wine’s many intricate flavors and romantic characteristics. Of course, now, wine embodies a whole lot more to me, aside from its deliciousness. Wine brings people together. It jazzes up any meal. And sipping my favorite blend at an intimate wine bar with a girlfriend is the absolute best. Today, we’re raising a toast to life, love and wine!


I’m not alone in my fondness for all things vino. In fact, in 2016, the 11th annual Wine Market Council Research Conference revealed that the wine industry’s top demographic is female, with women making up 57 percent of all wine buyers. Top sellers we ladies flock to include bubbly stuff, like prosecco, as well as red blends, sauvignon blanc and my favorite, rosé. Who’s thirsty?

WOMAN TO WATCH: Aylin Doker, Co-founder and Director of Operations for Turquoise Life Beverage Brands

OK, ladies, so we’ve established that we love drinking wine. But how many of us really understand wine. If the only thing you know about importing wine involves pouring Champagne into your flute glass, you’re not alone. Learning about all the specifics of an age-old production process and the intricacies of wine styles can be downright overwhelming. So, settle in for the story of today’s enterprising Woman to Watch, Aylin Doker, who is on a mission to bring innovative—and truly delicious—wines to consumers that we can actually identify with. Not sure which varietal you’ll really enjoy? Heck, not even sure what a varietal is? No worries, as the co-founder of Turquoise Life Beverage Brands, the leading importer of meticulously hand-selected wines, Aylin and her biz have got you covered.

Turquoise Life’s wines hail from some of the best wine regions in the world, including Argentina, France, Italy and Spain, and the array of offerings means the company has something for every type of wine lover, from newbie enthusiasts to unequivocal vino fanatics. There’s the Chateau Allégret Bordeaux Blanc, which features bright apple and grapefruit flavors—perfect for a summer picnic or with a variety of seafood. And the Rutini Cabernet Sauvignon, which doesn’t disappoint with its rich yet well-balanced hint of red fruits, will virtually transport you to the foothills of the Andes Mountains. But my total fave is the luxurious VieVité Rosé, with delicate, fruit-forward characteristics that pair wonderfully with homemade pizza.

Also working as the director of operations for her company, Aylin oversees legal and logistical matters, a natural position, given her background in the legal field. With her legal expertise and business acumen, Aylin has been able to combine her experience and skills in an impactful way to grow the success of her new passion: Turquoise Life.

Aylin recognizes one of the most vital components to developing a sustaining company is consumer loyalty. She says ensuring Turquoise Life customers have an emotional attachment to her products is paramount. For instance, if you had the best trip of your life sipping on a particular brand of pinot noir in the South of France, you’re bound to choose that wine brand time and again. Cheers to that!


We’re sure Aylin Doker would agree with novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson, who said:

“Wine is bottled poetry.”

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