Bethany Mota: How to Become a YouTube Influencer

September 10 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Sliding into DMs

Do you remember the first video you watched on the internet? Supposedly, 300 hours of video are uploaded every 60 seconds on YouTube. The first video was posted on the site in 2005 by one of YouTube’s co-founders himself. In the 18-second clip, he makes remarks about the zoo, and it’s about as thrilling as you’d expect. Whether you’re a makeup guru, rap god or simply Chloe from Cleveland, anyone can make a video. So, we have a dare for you: Switch to the video mode on your phone, ignore your double chin and hit record. Then, with a lighthearted attitude, watch what you recorded. No need to publicize it for the ’tubers.


If I can’t find reviews for a product and at least three videos talking about it, I’m not going to buy it—period. Using influencers to promote your brand is a legit business strategy, and why wouldn’t it be when 54 percent of women admit to purchasing a product just because an influencer recommended it? Companies better take note, as influencers offer 11 times the return on investment than traditional digital-marketing strategies do. Those dollars are well spent, it seems.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Bethany Mota, Beauty Vlogger

Today’s Woman to Watch, Bethany Mota, experienced cyberbullying through Facebook and Myspace at just 12 years old. Those degrading posts from acquaintances ended up making her depressed and anxious for about a year. Eventually, Bethany accepted what she thought was her fate: to never be happy, to always have haters. Well, it turned out, for her, the antidote for cyber hate happened to be on the internet, too.

Bethany started watching YouTube videos to feel more connected and less alone. Seeing confident people lay out their personal lives in front of the whole world had a lasting effect on Bethany, who then decided to create and publish her very first YouTube video. More than 10 million subscribers later, I’d say she made the right choice.

Bethany’s first video focused on makeup and had an audience of just two people: Bethany and her mom. When reminiscing, Bethany talks about how exciting it was to refresh her video page and see her growing viewership, only to realize it tallied her own views. Oops!

Bethany shows that one of the best ways to influence young girls is by focusing on their hobbies, but also mixing in a little self-love and wisdom along the way. The days of teaching through after-school specials with stiff actors and lame music are gone, my friends. Lifestyle entertainment has the ability to teach in real ways, especially when a peer does it.

Now Bethany’s that YouTuber helping girls feel accepted and acknowledged. Some of Bethany’s most popular videos include room tours, lunch ideas, back-to-school organization and more. Her widespread appeal has helped her land partnerships with retailers like Target, and even a spot on Dancing With the Stars.

The #MotaFam has tuned into Bethany’s rousing take on everyday life for the past decade. Bethany’s that genuine best friend you always wanted, and she happens to be just a click away. A shy home-schooler turned venerated influencer, Bethany is a true inspiration.

Follow Bethany on YouTube at @BethanyMota.


There’s no bigger troll than ourselves, so when you’re watching that video I dared you to make, pretend to be the most positive YouTube commentator ever. As Hillary Clinton said:

“Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.”

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