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May 18 - On The Dot
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FIRST THOUGHT: Spring Revamping

Spring is all about renewal and transformation. But don’t stress yourself out this season with a complete overhaul. Instead, make incremental changes to revamp your already fabulous life. After all, it only takes a single bloom for spring to announce itself. Making one or two changes can make all the difference, whether that’s adding a vibrant throw pillow to your couch or filling out a gratitude journal.


Transformations aren’t only for the home. If you want a happy office that will literally leave you warm and fuzzy, you might consider sending out a memo like this to the fellas around your cubicle:

Dear dudes in the office,

HR told me it isn’t appropriate to wear a Snuggie, and it’s just too hard to type with mittens on. Therefore, I’ve changed the office thermostat 5 degrees—from 69 to 74. A recent study showed that women work better in warmer temperatures because their metabolic rates are different from men’s. You can’t fight science!


All the ladies

WOMAN TO WATCH: Camille Styles, Owner and Creative Director of Camille Styles

Are you unsure how to revamp? Head to Camille Styles’ website. A lifestyle blogger, event stylist and proud mama of two, she’s got plenty of ideas for you, from putting together the perfect birthday gift, to learning how to be happier at home. You’ve probably seen her entertaining expertise in O Magazine or home décor know-how on

Styles studied fashion PR at the University of Missouri, where she submitted a purse design to a national Dooney & Bourke competition. Dooney & Bourke selected her design and flew her to Italy to visit suppliers and meet with their design team. Since then, she’s grown into an entertainment maven.

Styles and her squad of fabulous experts have made a must-read for modern, creative ladies. If you need even more inspiration this season, take a glance at the gorgeous photos and fresh tips in her book, Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings and Effortless Style, and start planning your next shindig.


Whether you’re sitting in an icy cubicle or sipping Champagne at an epic party, make yourself right at home. Here’s the perfect quote from Maya Angelou to motivate you:

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”

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