Falon Fatemi: She’s Connecting People With Opportunity

September 22 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Untangling the Web

Five years ago, actor and all-around lovable guy Aziz Ansari performed a stand-up comedy routine about how much of a time suck the internet can be. You start answering work emails but end up reading all about the movie Home Alone for three hours. Fast-forward to 2017, and Aziz, like many of us, is still trying to figure out how to cope with this dot-com rabbit hole. For him, removing social-media apps and the web browser from his smartphone has been the solution, one he admits has made him infinitely happier. Today, examine how the digital world interacts with—or interrupts—your life. How does it help? How does it hurt? Use the hashtag #digitalrabbithole when posting your findings. And don’t forget to share your conversation with @OnTheDotWoman on Twitter!


OK, maybe Aziz’s unplugged lifestyle seems too extreme for you. Girl, I get it. But there’s one thing he says that might resonate with you: We scroll and like and check and scroll and like and check endlessly because we crave “the new thing.” Don’t believe you do that? According to one annual internet-trends report, on average, we slaves to technology check our phones 150 times every single dang day to post and read social-media blurbs, visit websites and shop.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Falon Fatemi, Founder and CEO of Node

When it comes to getting stuff done online, there’s nothing worse than scouring through millions of search results to find what you’re looking for. Luckily, today’s insightful Woman to Watch is working to make that struggle a thing of the past. Her name is Falon Fatemi, and she’s the super wiz behind Node, which employs proprietary artificial-intelligence technology to revolutionize the online-discovery process.

How did this rising tech powerhouse who’s only in her early 30s become someone billionaire investor Mark Cuban says is likely to become the world’s first trillionaire? Falon credits much of her ingenuity and work ethic to her family. She’s the third generation of serial entrepreneurs. And it didn’t hurt that, at the age of 19, she became Google’s youngest employee and has spent the past decade-plus focused on market strategy, global expansion and strategic partnerships at Google, YouTube and in the startup world.

While at Google, Falon had an idea for a little rabbit-hole experiment of her own. Since her job required her to make strategic partnerships, Falon wondered how many introductions actually resulted in real, working relationships. What she found was astonishing. During the course of five years, Falon’s introductions led to millions of dollars in the form of partnerships, sales and investments. That simple concept of using tech to connect people in the right time proved more influential than anyone could’ve guessed.

Here’s how Node works: An internet search can lead to a ridiculous number of web-page results, ranging from an archived forum from 2001 to what you actually want, which may be buried on page 27 of your search results. Instead of indexing web pages, Node indexes companies, products, places and people to connect customers to opportunities. Node is a hit with users and investors, garnering more than $16 million in funding from a variety of sources—including Mark Cuban himself—and boasting half a billion profiles of people and companies.

With Falon and Node in mind, we can all start thinking about making connections in a more thoughtful way that keeps us engaged and focused on success. After all, that next great opportunity could be just one connection away!


Here’s a quote from Cassandra Sanford, the CEO of a tech-consulting company, to inspire you to get on the path to success:

“If this is something that you really want to do, if you believe in it, simply keep forging forward because success will come.”

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