Jamie Leach: She’s a Mother of Invention

December 22 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: The Rise of the Mompreneur

A lot of the women we feature in On The Dot are hardworking entrepreneurs and moms. We call these gals “mompreneurs” because they relentlessly strive for their goals at both work and home. Every mompreneur has her own little recipe for making it work. Some flip their schedule, taking care of their kiddos during the day and working in the evening. Others are all about locking the office door for uninterrupted work time, or diligently setting aside time each day to solely be with their kids. If there’s one thing all mompreneurs should embrace, it’s ditching the guilt that often comes with juggling parenthood while endeavoring to attain their own career ambitions. Being hard on yourself helps absolutely no one. Instead, embrace some self-love and pat yourself on the back for being one heck of a resourceful multitasker!


Ladies, today’s statistic will likely have you hollering, “Preach!” and approaching the endless chore of housework in a completely new way. A National Bureau for Economic Research study is demonstrating why men and women doing equal housework isn’t just fair; it’s smart. As we all know, women often spend significantly more time doing housework than our male counterparts. And because of this, it can affect our work lives, with many women opting to avoid jobs that require long hours, which actually results in a bigger gender pay gap. But the study found that if housework were allocated equally for both men and women, workplace output would increase by about 5.4 percent.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Jamie Leach, Co-founder of Leachco

Today’s Woman to Watch is an inventive mompreneur who turned a near tragic accident into an ingenious product line. Jamie Leach is the co-founder of Leachco, which offers an array of safety, comfort, travel, feeding and bathing products to help keep parents sane while ensuring babies are protected.

It all began in 1988, when Jamie and her hubby took their 7-month-old son to a restaurant and the little wriggler nearly took a dive out of a defective high chair. Of course, moms are known for their rapid-fire ingenuity, and Jamie is no exception. She swiftly fashioned a quick fix, MacGyver-style, using her purse strap to keep her son in place. The experience stuck with her, and, as a registered nurse, Jamie started thinking more about children’s safety. So, she rigged up a handmade kids’ safety wrap using tape, a hand towel and—get this—dental floss. While employing her invention in public, her helpful tool caught the eye of other parents, inspiring this mom to make the leap into entrepreneurship and launch Leachco.

Years later, Jamie still designs Leachco’s products, and her most popular creation these days is a must-have item for every mom-to-be: the Snoogle, the mother of all pregnancy pillows. Made with 100 percent organic cotton, the Snoogle is a horseshoe-shaped body pillow that contours around mom’s pregnant belly, head, booty and everything in between. It also supports the spine and back in a way no other pillow can.

Leachco also offers products ranging from nursing blankets to baby baths, all available online and through major retailers nationwide.

Jamie’s success has definitely led to more comfort for expecting moms and increased safety for babies. But this mompreneur is all about giving back too. With proceeds from their business, she and her husband set up a scholarship fund for nursing students in their home state of Oklahoma to help cover the cost of books and equipment for nurses in training. The generous move will no doubt pave the way for more safety innovators in the future. Way to go, Jamie!


Today’s spot-on quip from writer and teacher Jane Sellmen goes out to all the mompreneurs out there. She said:

“The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice. Thanks for getting ready with us.

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