Two-minute Take Two: Jeanna Doyle, Fan Favorite 2017

December 27 - On The Dot
Happy holidays, y’all! I am super excited to serve up two weeks of Fan Favorites to keep you inspired throughout this crazy holiday season. We’ve shortened On The Dot to just two minutes, as we know you are extra busy this time of year! Today, you will meet Jeanna Doyle again. And let me tell you, the next two minutes will definitely get your blood pumping! In fact, she shared an exclusive update with us at the end of this episode.

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WOMAN TO WATCH: Jeanna Doyle, Founder of Suite HOPE

Today’s Woman to Watch, Jeanna Doyle, noticed a lack of resources firsthand when she saw a close friend grappling with the aesthetic challenges associated with cancer. A veteran makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist with more than 25 years of experience working in both medical and media settings, Jeanna has beautified A-listers, musicians, athletes and even a former U.S. president. With this wealth of expertise, Jeanna knew she could create a better platform for sick women struggling to feel beautiful, and thus, Suite HOPE was born.

Suite HOPE—an acronym for Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically—is a nonprofit organization providing women with the education and support needed to address the changes in their appearance that occur during cancer treatment. The nonprofit helps women better understand and optimize their aesthetic qualities, with the goal of empowering them to maintain a positive attitude during treatment and beyond.

To this endeavor, Jeanna employs her HOPE Method, the first corrective-makeup training series approved by the International Society of Oncology Estheticians, one that educates makeup artists, medical aestheticians and hairdressers on how to address cosmetic concerns—including hair loss and skin-tone changes—of those enduring illness.

A tireless advocate for enhancing women’s beauty and self-confidence, Jeanna recently released a book titled Wig Ed: What to Look for When Looking for a Wig, the first beauty book dedicated to wig selection for women experiencing hair loss. Essentially Wig Shopping 101, the book includes Jeanna’s all-important first step: take a supportive friend because such an experience can be super overwhelming.

Ultimately, Jeanna encourages women to live in the moment and make beauty choices that embody their spirit. After all, her entire life’s work is about giving women hope to feel more like themselves, to feel comfortable in their own skin.


Not one to let grass grown under her feet, Jeanna is launching a new business in 2018 called Model Patient, the focus of which is to help women make good decisions—and find great providers—when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Imagine a beautiful, user-friendly guide to help you understand your options that also provides tips to enhance, delay or even avoid surgery and enjoy your best self now. Congrats, Jeanna!

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