Kristina Guerrero: How to Stare Down Stereotypes

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FIRST THOUGHT: America the Beautiful

Actress and activist America Ferrera gave an impassioned speech at the Women’s March last year and has been an outspoken voice of what it’s like to teeter between identities as a Latina American. As she explained her experience as a first-generation American, she urged the crowd to remember that we, the people, make America what it is. Rather than relying on an inclination to hate those who are dissimilar to us, she reminded us we truly are stronger together. Today, whatever your background, whoever you identify as, remember that we women have your back!


Ladies, do you watch a lot of TV? How about movies? If so, have you noticed a serious dearth of diversity in your favorite shows and flicks? I know I certainly have. For instance, Latinos make up nearly 18 percent of the population in the United States, but here’s the thing: They’re still significantly underrepresented in the media. The Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity recently took a look at 11,000 speaking roles on film and television, and discovered Latinos are among the least represented in these roles, making up a minuscule 5.8 percent.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Kristina Guerrero, Co-host of The List

It can be challenging to understand how to start raising the number of Latinos featured in the U.S. media. One easy way to offer support is by tuning in to the TV shows and movies that feature Latino women, in particular. One woman you should start watching ASAP is Kristina Guerrero, co-host of The List, an Emmy Award-winning show highlighting what’s trending in the world of pop culture. I promise, you’ll be charmed instantly by Kristina’s charisma and lovable sass.

Kristina earned her broadcast-journalism degree at the University of Southern California, later working as an entertainment producer in Los Angeles and as the co-host of a national relationship talk show before hitting the airwaves as a host and correspondent for E! News, a position she held for six years. She was the first Latina host of the program, which airs in more than 150 countries and 26 languages. Not only did Kristina represent a Latina point of view, she also elicited more interviews with Hispanic celebs than ever before.

Speaking of celebs, Kristina has personally interviewed just about every Hollywood superstar you can think of, from Sandra Bullock to George Clooney to Julia Roberts. Despite moving in such VIP circles, she’s managed to maintain her down-to-earth, easygoing poise while being entirely relatable to viewers.

Nowadays, in her role as hostess with the mostest at The List, Kristina features lifestyle content with a personable twist, with the show covering everything from must-see destinations and trending topics to gadgets and essential life hacks.

Kristina has certainly come a long way from her rural upbringing in Eastern Washington. Her single mother raised her alongside four siblings with the help of public-assistance programs like food stamps. She and her family would often wake up at 4 a.m. to cut asparagus and pick cherries as farm workers. It was a tough yet family-focused life, and Kristina says it instilled in her a real appreciation for hard work and for her mother, who always insisted the sky was the limit for Kristina.

Thanks to her work ethic and passion, this media powerhouse has curated a remarkably purposeful career. A self-described working mommy, wife, TV host, writer, vibe giver, dream believer, God follower, wine drinker and sweatpants wearer, Kristina is living life on her terms and taking Hollywood by storm.


Kristina Guerrero would no doubt agree with these wise words from her friend and career cohort, actress Eva Longoria:

“I got a key to American opportunity. That’s who we are: a nation that rewards ambition with opportunity, where hard work can lead to success, no matter where you start.”

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