Leiti Hsu and Susan Ho: She’s on a Journey

July 27 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Adventure Road

Have you ever had a truly miserable day? You know, the kind that makes you want to either crawl under the covers while blubbering to Sarah McLachlan or hit the open road Thelma & Louise style without a clear destination? Both can make the bad-day blues disappear, but the latter is a whole lot more fun. Let’s be real, though. Sometimes when you’re just moseying down the road with no particular target, you end up devouring a hot dog in a gas-station parking lot. Today, plan your next realistic adventure—one free of greasy convenience-store grub—like a fun day trip. Pay a visit to the most touristy spot in your city and shoot some silly selfies. Or head to a DIY bar crawl with your gal squad. Regardless of your destination, your journey is sure to be one heck of a trip!


Although my personal experiences would lead me to believe today’s statistic is absolutely spot-on, you might be a bit shocked by it. Regardless of who we travel with, where we go and who is footing the bill, 80 percent of all travel decisions are made by women. And considering women control $15 trillion in spending power, according to the Harvard Business Review, that means travel brands that aren’t marketing to us gals are truly missing out.

WOMEN TO WATCH: Leiti Hsu and Susan Ho, Co-founders of Journy

If you get overwhelmed just planning your dream vacay, you’re not alone. That’s precisely why travel agencies of yesteryear have been revamped into personalized luxury-travel planners that the modern, everyday woman will find helpful. After all, our time off is scarce and valuable, and women want a travel planner we can trust.

Enter Leiti Hsu and Susan Ho, the seasoned, globetrotting co-founders of a hip travel-concierge company called Journy. With its experienced team of world explorers, Journy creates custom itineraries that fit clients’ tastes, ensuring travelers don’t miss out on memorable experiences they would love. Imagine having a Michelin-star chef personally clue you in on the best mezcal bar in Mexico City, or your favorite fashion blogger pointing you to the best vintage shops in Paris. With Journy’s network of local experts throughout the world and made-for-you travel itineraries, all your wanderlust dreams can come true!

Susan was inspired to create Journy after ending up at a tourist trap in Buenos Aires, even after doing a ton of research. A noteworthy entrepreneur, she’s worked with plenty of growing startups, so her business savvy told Susan she could make a change for the better in the travel industry. She resolved to never again let herself or other women end up spending too much money and time planning a vacation that misses out on all the hidden gems a city has to offer.

While Susan laid the groundwork for Journy’s startup success, Leiti, aka “Journyist-in-chief,” uses her storytelling background and culinary-travel expertise to make sure clients get extra-personalized travel agendas. The passion for hopping around the globe to discover cultural and culinary delights has always been in Leiti’s blood. Born in Taipei, she moved to Southern California as an infant and spent her upbringing indulging in the eclectic food scene. While Leiti started her career in finance, she soon returned to her savory side, interning at Gourmet magazine and delving into culinary writing, all of which led to her wildly successful live radio show, Word of Mouth.

So, you want to check out a couple destinations on your bucket list? These travel gurus have got you covered! Leiti recommends a boutique hotel near Lisbon, Portugal, while Susan loves the luxury and Arabian style of Hotel Nimb in Copenhagen, Denmark. Wherever you decide to travel, remember that all-important goal: collect moments, not things.


Let’s complete our journey today with an endearing quote from Japanese poet Matsuo Basho:

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”

This is Melinda Garvey signing off until next time. Remember, ladies, empowered women empower other women. Share On the Dot so more women can have a voice. Thanks for getting ready with us.

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