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Want Work-Life Balance? Give Yourself Some Grace.
October 15 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Shop ‘Til You Drop

Guys. I was going to talk about online shopping because it’s truly on my mind all the time, but there’s something our Woman to Watch for today mentioned that I needed to hear, and it might be something you need to hear, too: It’s not always about you. On the show Grace & Frankie, Grace greets the UPS guy at the door in sunglasses and says, “F you!” We’ve all been on both ends of that scenario, right? A bad day can lead to an even worse moment when you seriously lose your cool. The next time someone’s salty mood gets the best of them, remember our wise Woman to Watch’s words: It’s not always about you, so shake it off, Taylor Swift style.


One clear time when it ain’t about you? Holidays. Hanukah and Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and I’m exhausted. Gifting little homemade books full of coupons for free hugs isn’t going to cut it as an adult woman, unfortunately. There’s some data that says 65 percent of shoppers in the United States will search for gifts online during the holidays, but I have a feeling that number is creeping up higher and higher as I write this while simultaneously searching for this year’s Halloween costume. Hmm.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Marissa Tarleton, CMO at RetailMeNot

Did you ever grab the scissors, open up your Sunday newspaper for the coupons and start clipping? Those little rectangles and squares would pile up on the coffee table or in the drawer, and you’d only remember they existed three days after the expiration date. Well, the days of papercuts and 20 cents off five boxes of cereal are gone, thanks in part to our affinity for online shopping and the consumer savings site RetailMeNot, and today’s Woman to Watch, Marissa Tarleton.

Marissa is the chief marketing officer for the company, which is known for driving growth for more than 70,000 brands across the world. Fun fact: RetailMeNot was the first shopping app to get the Good Housekeeping Seal for its easy-to-use universal search and legit savings offers on items people would buy anyway.

The company snatched Marissa up from a 13-year stint at Dell. One thing that has set Marissa up for achievement is what she mentioned last year at the Texas Conference for Women, where she emphasized the importance of relationships. Professional and personal connections, she said, are often the things that advance your career, as long as you’re thoughtful, genuine and intentional about it.

This marketing maven works hard, honey. Marissa admits the moment when her 80-hour workweeks changed. Just hours before her baby boy was born, Marissa held a conference call, contractions and all, right there in the delivery room. While balance remains a consistent struggle for most of us ladies, Marissa has learned from her past and has added a little grace to her workdays, for herself and her employees.

Women in RetailMeNot‘s Employee Resource Groups receive Marissa’s personal insight about early career dynamics. She suggests career gals take on new projects every year or so to avoid burnout, and also shares a lesson from her past that you can act on today: Don’t catastrophize. When things don’t go your way, remember the big picture. Even more real talk? Not everything is about you.

Follow Marissa on Twitter @MBTarleton.


What’s clear from Marissa Tarleton’s story is you don’t need to keep your career wisdom to yourself. My girl Amy Poehler will send us off today with a little advice:

"That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again: 'Good for her! Not for me.'"

Meet Marissa at On The Dot’s See It to Be It Success Summit on Thursday, October 18th, where she’ll be speaking on a panel called “Finding Your Tribe: Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back,” alongside Andra Liemandt of The Mrs. Band and On The Dot’s founder, Melinda Garvey. For tickets, click here!

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