Michele Welsh: She’s Stickin’ It to Kids

October 27 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Lost and Found

When I lose something, I get completely frustrated, make that exasperated “ugh” sound multiple times and pretty much assume the world is ending. It most often happens when I’m being specifically purposeful about the placement of my belongings. I think, “I’ll put this spare button right here where I’ll never lose it,” or, “I’ll definitely remember I put my keys by the bathroom sink,” but then, of course, when it’s time to find those items, I can’t locate them for the life of me. Maybe it’s time to institute my very own household lost-and-found system!

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: More Than 2,000

There are some things that cause a lot more anguish when they’re misplaced, for instance, our kids. We’ve all been there, shopping the bargain bin at a department store when, all of a sudden, you frantically realize your daughter is no longer at your side, only to find her moments later, playing hide-and-seek under a rack of coats. Every day, more than 2,000 American kids get lost, even if for a few minutes, whether it’s in the grocery store, at a playground or little Suzy’s favorite amusement park. That equates to 90 percent of U.S. families experiencing losing a child in a public place.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Michele Welsh, Founder of SafetyTat

So, what’s a parent to do to keep her kids from getting lost? Maybe you’ve considered one of those leash-tied-to-a-backpack things, but all it takes is a loose grip to lose your little rascal. Thankfully, today’s Woman to Watch has a much better solution: tattoo your kids!

Here’s how Michele Welsh got the brilliant idea for her company, SafetyTat: While on a trip with her husband and three small children to an amusement park, Michele felt anxious about keeping track of her kiddos in such a frantic environment. To combat the stress, Michele had a quick fix: She wrote her cellphone number on her kids’ arms multiple times throughout the fun-filled day. Other parents with energetic kiddos asked her about her unusual solution, and she explained if her children got lost, they’d know to call her number. Other parents relished in the concept.

Just like that, Michele felt an imaginative spark to help families everywhere feel more secure, so she turned her smart little system into a business, SafetyTat. SafetyTat offers temporary tattoos for kids that can include any information parents want. One might note, “If lost, call this number,” while others signify an allergy to peanuts, eggs or gluten, so kids can stay safe while in the care of others. There are also tattoos that identify a child as having special needs, such as non-verbal autism or Down syndrome. And creative parents and kids can even design their own SafetyTats.

I don’t know a single child who doesn’t love temporary tattoos, especially when they’re emblazoned with cool images like rocket ships, dinosaurs and butterflies. SafetyTats are great for any situation: at the airport, at the beach or before a sleepover, and parents gain some peace of mind while their little ones enjoy their temporary body art.

Michele offers a few tips to ease parents’ minds during an outing: Dress your kids in bright colors, and take a photo of them that day wearing those colorful outfits. Throughout the day, compliment your children for staying close.

Though parents can’t be with their kids every moment of their lives, they can do their best to protect them. And thanks to Michele and SafetyTat, moms and dads now have a new—and pretty cool—tool for safeguarding their most precious possessions.


Today’s quote comes from author Denis Waitley, who said:

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

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