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May 10 - On The Dot
It’s a great day to be a woman! Melinda Garvey here as your voice, with the mission to give women everywhere a place to be heard and tell their stories. We’d love to hear from you!

FIRST THOUGHT: Becoming a Purposeful Game Changer

What I’ve noticed about successful women is that they seem to lack fear. They don’t stay inside the box of one genre or industry. They pinpoint what makes them good in a particular field, and they apply it elsewhere.

For whatever reason, it’s challenging to look at ourselves in that way. Give me five minutes in a room with a co-worker and I can identify their strengths. But ask me what I’m good at? Uh, I’ll need a minute.

So, I ask you, On The Dot listeners, what are you a total rock star at?


Speaking of game changers, Forbes recently released its annual list of the World’s Greatest Leaders and—surprise!—23 amazing women made the list. That’s a record, and a big jump up from the previous year’s list, which included only 15 female leaders.

Among these trailblazers are women who work in the fields of government, business, the military, philanthropy and activism.

Gracing the list are strong stateswomen like German Chancellor Angela Merkel and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, as well as philanthropist Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka The Notorious RBG) and CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA Anna Maria Chavez.

Thanks for leading the way, ladies. I look forward to seeing even more women earn a spot on the Forbes list next year.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Molly Fletcher, Sports Agent and Keynote Speaker

Molly Fletcher’s career is a slam-dunk. CNN dubbed her the “female Jerry Maguire” because she’s represented a truly insane amount of notable sports players and negotiated more than half a billion dollars in contracts. If only we could send Fletcher in to negotiate with our bosses during our next performance evaluation, right?

As one of the only women in the sports industry, Fletcher believes establishing credibility is instrumental to finding success in a male-dominated industry. With a killer record like Fletcher’s, I believe it.

After years killing it as a sports agent, in 2010, Fletcher turned what she did best into her own company, called The Molly Fletcher Company. Her business has served Fortune 500 companies, startups and sports teams.

Fletcher offers online courses that feature videos and worksheets on a particular topic, like business relationships and communication styles.

She’s also one heck of a speaker.

At the PGA Tour Executive Women’s Day at the Dell Match Play, Fletcher encouraged attendees to write down five of the most important things in their lives. Then she had the audience toss each one away until only one remained.

She explained that by sorting through the gobbledygook to uncover your number one thing, you can better set your intention in life.

Fletcher has a knack for provoking women to find their purpose and invest in it. Follow her lead, and you’re destined to be victorious.


I’ll leave you today with an inspiring quote from Apple’s Steve Jobs, who once said:

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

That’s all for now. Be sure to share this so more women can have a voice! Thanks for getting ready with us.

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