Nadia Galloway: How to Launch a Product With No Experience

May 4 - On The Dot

FIRST THOUGHT: Rising to the Occasion

Today, I woke up annoyed, or, as the saying goes, “on the wrong side of the bed.” When your alarm sounds in the morning, do you ever just know every little thing will get on your nerves for the next 18 hours? How do you fight the morning doldrums? Some people try to tame their moodiness by thinking positive thoughts, distracting themselves or even having a one-person screaming match into the pillow. Today, in order to shake off my morning blues, I’m treating myself to a fancy coffee-shop mocha and quietly counting down the minutes until bedtime. To each her own, right?


No one understands rousing in a sour state more than youngsters. But with no job and as many hand-delivered meals as they desire, what do kiddos really have to complain about? Of course, when you’re expecting a bundle of joy, there’s one particular thing you hear a lot: Say goodbye to sleep! And it’s true. According to a survey by Owlet Baby Care, nearly half of parents with kids 6 months old or younger get just one to three hours of uninterrupted shut-eye per night, with just 5 percent of parents of newborns getting a full eight hours of sleep nightly.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Nadia Galloway, Founder of PillowSheets

If you’re a sleep-deprived mama of an adorable yet fussy little nugget, you’ll definitely want to tune into the story of today’s Woman to Watch, Nadia Galloway. As the founder of a company called PillowSheets, she’s recreating the womb in any room, putting sleepless nights to rest and redefining what it means to sleep like a baby.

Nadia is the co-founder of an early childhood education institution in Atlanta called The Benjamin Preparatory School of Academics and Performing Arts, so she’s very familiar with parents’ sleepless woes. With her vast knowledge of child-focused safety practices, along with a great understanding of the issues parents of little ones face daily, Nadia came up with PillowSheets, a brilliant product that helps Baby get the rest she needs while also giving parents a much-needed respite from those sleepless nights.

The PillowSheets idea hearkens back to a fundamental truth: Babies in the womb experience a close sort of comfort that allows them to feel safe and secure. Knowing newborns need to be placed face up in the crib with nothing other than a fitted sheet, Nadia designed PillowSheets, which meet the American Board of Pediatrics criteria for baby sleep safety, with polyfill pillows stitched securely into the bed sheet itself, therefore providing comfort and gentle head elevation for Baby while also cradling her in a snuggly embrace that mimics the womb environment.

Pretty smart, huh? And we’re not the only ones who think so. Earnshaw’s Magazine, a publication highlighting children’s fashion and the juvenile-product industry, named PillowSheets a top new baby-gear product.

So, just how does a smart lady who’s long been in a completely different industry get started producing and selling a product? For Nadia, she began with a concept for a much-needed product and solicited a seamstress to make it reality. Then she got knowledgeable about patents, filing for a provisional patent to protect her idea while shopping around for manufacturers, in addition to eliciting families to help test the product and ensure its quality.

Do you need some quiet time with your baby stat? Nadia says it’s all about creating a routine and sticking to it. Sing a tried-and-true lullaby the same time every night, and follow bath time with a favorite book. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the PillowSheets! Good night, Baby and good night, Mama.


As any parent knows, child psychologist Leo J. Burke spoke the truth when he said:

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”

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