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March 10 - On The Dot


Do you ever feel like you can’t possibly know everything there is to know about something but you probably should? Today, as I was begrudgingly doing laundry, I realized how many elements are involved when choosing and maintaining clothing. Is this dress cotton, rayon, nylon, spandex? Will it make my butt look big? Do I tumble dry low and wash in cold? Will it wrinkle easily? How do I get this stain out? And what is that spot anyway: red wine, coffee, chocolate ganache?

While I’ll probably never memorize what those garment-care symbols on the tags mean, I’ve learned a bit about how to care for my cherished clothing over time. (And I’ll never again make the mistake of putting my cashmere sweaters in the wash.) Regardless of how you go about choosing and caring for your wardrobe, the most important thing is that, girl, you wear it well!


Is there one item in your closet that’s your go-to confidence booster? Like Rory’s lucky red shirtdress in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, some days, how you look on the outside can boost insecure feelings on the inside. Here’s some science to prove that fact.

University professor and researcher Karen Pine dived into this concept and found that particular clothing can actually make people feel more confident. When women feel stressed out, you better believe we neglect 90 percent of our wardrobes. My well-loved yoga pants will vouch for that statistic! In fact, in such cases, women tend to up the fashion ante only when we need a confidence boost.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Ramy Brook Sharp, Founder, President and Creative Director of the Ramy Brook Clothing Brand

Have you ever paused a TV show or movie to attempt your best internet sleuthing in search of your favorite actress’ outfit? If you’ve ever watched Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, chances are you’ve fallen in love with some of the pieces created by today’s Woman to Watch, Ramy Brook Sharp.

Ramy’s graceful silhouettes have become a staple of the show and a big-time celebrity favorite. And lucky us, earlier this year, Ramy collaborated with the Bravo network to bring the show’s killer styles to Bloomingdale’s. The Ramy Brook brand hinges on quality first and a bit of fun and frilliness always, and cool chicks like Julianna Margulies and Kate Beckinsale can’t get enough of Ramy’s romantic vision and chic styles.

Ramy started her company a little later in her life, which gave her an assured demeanor and a vision of what it was she loved. And Ramy’s business advice to other women, regardless of where they are in their careers, is to not let the journey, however bumpy, result in self-doubt.

One aspect of Ramy’s designs that always catches my eye is her showcasing of what might just be women’s best asset: our shoulders. You can’t help but feel a little more alluring and shimmy a bit when wearing one of Ramy’s halter tops or open-shoulder styles. Ramy often creates beautiful pieces using silk in shades like crimson, light blush and “passion purple,” which gives the wearer an instant confidence boost on, say, a hot-date night.

Ramy’s popular brand began with six tops and one dress, proving that starting focused leads to success. Ultimately, her eponymous company expanded to include jackets, pants and her super chic signature jumpsuits. Ramy’s vision has always been to ensure that women who don her clothing feel beautiful, confident, sexy and their absolute best. And that’s the most fashionable goal any gal could ask for.


Ramy Brook Sharp embodies this quote from acclaimed actress Meryl Streep. She said:

“That is the simple secret: Always take your heart to work.”

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