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April 28 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Who Rescued Who?

There’s something so wonderful about the relationships we have with our pets. They’re our best buddies. We can divulge our secrets to them, get the most perfect snuggle on the planet and feel no shame if they see us abide by the five-second rule. Today, give your furry pal—whether she’s the cat’s meow or woman’s best friend—a few extra cuddles and a tasty treat or two to show your love.


If you have a pet or a child, or if you are indeed a human being yourself, listen up to this crazy stat. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 75 percent of American households use at least one pesticide indoors. Think about that. Pesticides aren’t just chemicals sprayed on backyard lawns and farmland. Designed to kill or control pests, pesticides include such products as rodent and insect sprays, swimming-pool cleansers, mold and mildew killers and the like. And some are extremely dangerous for kids and pets to be exposed to. So make sure to check your pesticide labels, opt for other practices to reduce or eliminate indoor pests and fungi, and most importantly, make sure your little loved ones aren’t exposed to these harsh and harmful chemicals.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Stephanie Boone, Founder and CEO of Wondercide

The story of today’s Woman to Watch is the story of a girl and her dog. One day several years ago, after taking care of her beloved dog, Luna, for more than a decade, Stephanie Boone began to notice health changes in her pup. Luna, an Akita-husky mix, began losing her hair, couldn’t stop itching, suffered from seizures, liver and kidney failure and skin issues resulting from pesticide poisoning connected with a vet-prescribed flea-and-tick product.

After Luna received steroids, antibiotics and other intensive treatments that didn’t seem to help, the vet prepared Stephanie for the worst, but this dedicated dog mother was having none of that. Instead, she cleaned out Luna’s medicine cabinet, dumping topical pet meds and vaccines, and fired the pest-control company and disposed of any chemical-based cleaners in her home, as well as lawn fertilizers. It was out with the pesticides and in with the organic.

Stephanie tried every natural and organic dog product on the market. She became a meticulous student, studying up on all things pesticide—from environmental concerns to how certain compounds affect animal health—until she stumbled upon some holistic, non-toxic ingredient combinations that really worked.

She nursed Luna back to health, and armed with her idea for a safe and effective alternative to pesticide-laden animal products, Stephanie quit her job and in 2009, launched Wondercide, a company that treats nature with nature, offering a variety of holistic solutions for natural pet care. Wondercide became a household name after Stephanie received a half-million-dollar investment from entrepreneur-focused reality show Shark Tank.

Wondercide now offers everything a pet owner needs, from stain removers to ear care, and it’s all natural. Here’s the really awesome thing: While you’re adding Snowflake’s oatmeal-and-honey shampoo bar to your online shopping cart, you can grab a couple things for yourself too, like herb-based insect repellent and fragrance-free skin-care products.

Stephanie says Wondercide’s target market is women because it’s a brand made for and by women, noting that she and her wife tackled all the tedious work inherent in launching the startup. And it’s clear they haven’t lost sight of Wondercide’s mission. A focus on work culture is crucial to Stephanie’s success, with her company employing more than a dozen female workers and offering awesome perks, like BYOD (bring your own dog) to work and a time-off program for volunteering.

Even though this dog mama and green entrepreneur endured a traumatic circumstance with her best furry buddy, she used that experience to develop some much-needed products that all the pet owners and pets of the world can be thankful for.


One of Stephanie Boone’s favorite quotes is from literary icon and big-time cat lover Ernest Hemingway. He said:

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are stronger at the broken places.”

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