Breedlove's Briefing: 5 Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips for Staying Focused in 2019

March 11 - Stephanie Breedlove

Hi! I’m Stephanie Breedlove, Co-Founder of HomePay, Author and Angel Investor.

I absolutely adore taking an idea and giving it life in the form a business, then leading it to its full potential. Nothing is more fun. (Seriously!) I’d love for every woman who wants to start her own business to say the same thing, so here I am, mentoring millennial entrepreneurs. When I’m not working, I like to recharge and head outdoors to hike, bike, or stand up paddle board!

Is that list of business news and trending articles you’ve tagged still unread? I get it. Allow me to help. Take a couple minutes to read my summary of articles serving the most pertinent, actionable business topics. Or, take 10 minutes to read the full article, and put another brick on the foundation of your growing career.

This Week’s Must-Read:

Five Successful Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips for Staying Focused in 2019

Who it’s for:

Every entrepreneur.

Why it’s important:

Setting, working toward, and achieving your goals matters. At epic proportions. Believe it or not, only 8 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them. Don’t let this abysmal stat define your success (or failure) when it comes to business goals.

It’s nice to set intentions, resolutions or goals, but what’s critical is to cultivate the discipline to make them come true. It all starts with a plan. Yes, it is necessary to do the work to create a system to ensure you will execute on your words. Here’s a little help for resurrecting those goals you set back in January.

Shelcy Joseph with Forbes spoke to five accomplished female business owners who have taken the concept of organization and execution to the next level. Here are their valuable nuggets for you to incorporate into your success this year:

Jane Wurwand, Co-Founder Dermalogica: Get Clarity on Your WHY. Start writing out, by hand, your annual goals: detail what they are, what you want to do, who you want to speak to and serve, and most importantly, WHY you want to do it. After that, the ‘how’ you will do it will become clear.

Anine Bing, Co-Founder of Anine Bing: Write Everything Down. To stay organized in 2019, I bought a physical planner. My iCal holds everything I need, but with an actual planner, I can keep myself on track in a tangible way. Writing things down creates a process with power in setting and accomplishing goals, both long and short-term. I think we’re addicted to screens in this day and age, so a little old-fashioned writing is an important routine to get myself adjusted to achieving my 2019 goals.

Shivani Siroya, Founder of Tala: Ease into Your Mornings. Use your mornings productively. Before the chaos of the day, take a bit of personal time to reflect and recharge, then get one important task done. With so many little things to take care of, this will help you set a productive course for the rest of the day and ensure you keep your priorities in mind.

Kenesha Sneed, Founder of Tactile Matter: Ask for Help. There’s zero shame in asking for help. Center yourself around people who are both championing for your success and holding you accountable for your mistakes. It’s really one of the best ways to stay focused and encourage yourself to keep leveling up.

Magdalena Kokosynska, Creative Designer at Chevrolet Color and Trim: Create a Solid Action Plan, Then Follow It Religiously. Stop talking and start doing. It is not only about establishing the goal itself, but also about every step required to achieve that goal. This not only takes drive, but also self-discipline. Focus on the end-goal, but also on the tasks and complete them with dedication and excellence.

Top Take-Away: The common thread in these useful tips is to establish a plan and productive habits that move you one step closer to achieving your goals each day. Small steps, commitment, and hard work create the giant leaps of success.

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