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Melinda Garvey

If you ask Melinda Garvey what her big dream is, you will probably hear her say: “I want to brainwash women!” Now, don’t be alarmed. She just sees this as the fastest way to ensure that ALL women know their worth, have a tribe of other women supporting them and can see their own path to success through access to the Manolos of women that came before them.

“It’s really all about creating a mindset of abundance, rather than scarcity,” Melinda explains. “There are millions of non-celeb, non-corporate titan women who are successful. We just simply don’t ever hear their stories, so we believe that the landscape is barren. On The Dot is on a mission to change that by giving access to successful women and their stories every day.”

It all started in a little Texas town called Austin. One day in 2002, Melinda decided (after one too many glasses of wine) to use her media background to empower, engage and inspire the women of Austin by launching Austin Woman Magazine. Now in its 16th year and hailed as the go-to resource for women looking to move ahead and build a legacy, Austin Woman is going strong…

But what about women around the globe? “When I heard that one of the very top reasons women were not achieving equal success was the lack of access to relatable role models,” Melinda continues, “I just got mad.” And we don’t like to make Melinda mad, or apparently feed her too many glasses of wine, because then she just does something crazy…like start another company.

And so, On The Dot was born, with little more than a deep passion for championing women, an expertise in storytelling and the moxie to believe that On The Dot could change the conversation about women’s advancement. What if, every morning, millions of women around the world heard a story about a successful, relatable role model? How would our mindset change if we could SEE it and then know that we, too could BE it? Let’s do this!

When not on her soapbox, you can find Melinda and her Kiwi husband and business partner, Kip, at a soccer game or swim meet cheering on their 11 year old feminist son, Beckom. Other than that—you guessed it—you can find her surrounded by a gaggle of women drinking wine, of course!

Oh, and in case you’re still reading, Melinda has also won a few awards for being such a badass:


  • 2006: one of nine women nationwide selected to receive Office Depot’s “Businesswoman of the Year” Award.
  • 2006: Community Advocate Award, Greater Austin Chamber
  • 2011-2012: Entrepreneur in Residence for The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas Austin
  • 2011: Outstanding Austin Communicator Award, The Association for Women in Communication
  • 2012: Woman of Distinction winner, Girl Scouts of Central Texas
  • 2013: Women of Influence, Austin Business Journal
  • 2015: Enterprising Woman of the Year, Enterprising Woman Magazine
  • 2017: Folio Top Women in Media Honoree


  • Bachelor of Arts, DePauw University
  • Masters in International Marketing, University of Maryland, University College
  • Graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program through Babson College

Sarah Ashlock

Sarah Ashlock is a founding member of On The Dot and the writer of Women to Watch. When Sarah first heard No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” on her boombox, she realized that women deserved to be heard—that she deserved to be heard. So, she put her Jelly Roll pens to work and started writing. Born and raised in Kansas City, Sarah graduated with a degree in English before following the sun to Arizona to earn a graduate degree in rhetoric and composition, as well as a scholarly publishing certificate. For the past decade, Sarah has chronicled women’s journeys and the issues that matter to them. She’s now planting roots in the Lone Star State as a new mama to a bright-eyed boy.

Twitter: @Sarah_Ashlock

Alex Longoria

Whether it’s tweeting at Denny's about their buttermilk pancakes, throwing up a sweet pic of those fluffy stacks on the 'Gram, or writing a heartfelt haiku on Facebook comparing said pancakes to warm winter blankets, creating engaging marketing campaigns based on intuitive strategies is one of Alex’s passions (second to over-engineered avocado toast).

Born in San Diego, California and raised in Central Florida, Alex has planted her roots in Texas. She has a B.A. in Anthropology with a minor in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she got in touch with her familial history of indigenous peoples and Spanish colonization in Mexico.

As the social media and digital marketing strategist for On The Dot, Alex marries her marketing expertise with her progressive ideals for women’s empowerment to make the world a better place for women, men and everyone else across the spectrum. By bringing stories of motivation and inspiration to the world, she hopes that On The Dot will encourage women, especially women of color and queer women, to be ambitious and chase their dreams.

“I’m a real rebel with a cause.” -- Nina Simone

Twitter: @malexl

Instagram: @xicanariotgrrrl

Sheena Sharma

Sheena is the editor and content strategist at On The Dot. She's previously written women's content at millennial website Elite Daily as well as for her personal blog, CurryousAmerican.com.

Sheena was raised by a single mom and became passionate about empowering women from a super young age, after seeing her mom be a boss lady both at work and at home. As Sheena got older, she became specifically interested in empowering women from oppressed societies and cultures around the world. (Not to mention, she wanted to be just like her mama.)

At On The Dot, Sheena's mission is to highlight the professional accomplishments of a diverse pool of women. Now more than ever, women of color are taking the country by storm, but it's equally important to share the struggles they’ve faced on our professional journeys. Sheena hopes that by sharing women’s stories, other marginalized women that may not feel the courage to speak up about their struggles will gain that courage. Hey, we millennials, especially, could learn a thing or two, and Sheena's super excited to inform and inspire them at On The Dot.

Twitter: @sheenaxsharma

Kip Garvey

We always hear about the women behind successful men, but rarely about the men behind and beside successful women. Kip proudly embraces that moniker as the steady and stalwart “behind the scenes” guy at On The Dot. He was instrumental in the inception of On The Dot, when his wife—our founder, Melinda Garvey—jumped up on yet another soapbox and declared that something had to be done to give women access to the role models they need to succeed.

Kip may have also been the chief wine supplier in those early days when we got On The Dot off the ground. Kip has a knack for fixing the “unfixable” and simply figuring it out, no matter what. Perhaps it’s his laid-back Kiwi roots that give him the fortitude to always be the only guy in the room, but whatever the case, he is a proud member of our team, and a stanch supporter of women.

Terri McCormick

Terri has a great passion for radio and the spoken word. She was raised in Dearborn, Michigan, where most of her family worked in the automobile industry. She’s spent a good part of her radio career in Detroit, Michigan and before moving to Omaha, Nebraska, she spent 10 years working and living in the “Live Music Capital of the World:” Austin, Texas.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, and to spend time outdoors walking and exploring. She also loves a great meal, a great movie and a great book.

Terri’s favorite hobby is photography, and she has her camera with her most of the time. You can check out many of her photos on Instagram. Her lovely daughter Katie lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and she also has a 4-year-old white cat named Prudence.

You can hear Terri McCormick weekday mornings from 5am – 9zm on the Star 104.5 Morning Show along with her co-host Chris Chapman.

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