Ask Rhonda: Climbing Up the Career Ladder

November 2 - Rhonda Vetere

Rhonda Vetere is a top technology executive. She’s served as the Chief Information and Technology Officer at Estee Lauder, and has contributed her knowledge to institutions like the US Olympics and Paralympics, George Mason University School of Business, SWAAY Magazine, Miss Fashion Week and more. Rhonda likes to play golf, and encourages her friends and associates to pursue active, healthy lifestyles as an integral part of career success and improving performance.

“Ask Rhonda” is a monthly column where Rhonda will answer all your burning questions about starting your own venture, moving up the career ladder and more! In today’s column, we discuss leadership.

Q: How do you take on a new role when you don't necessarily feel prepared to?

I take on a new by being prepared. It is one of the main things that I preach and feel so strongly about. You can never be prepared enough and asking a lot of questions before taking on a role is important.

Q: I see a lot of my peers lack the confidence to ask for what they want in the workplace. How do you suggest someone go about asking for a raise?

Motto- You don’t know until you ask. One of the most difficult things is asking for a raise. If you have a good relationship with your direct like manager, it should be an open dialogue. Don’t wait for the end of the year performance review to ask. Map out goals and results with your manager that would outline exceeds performing to get a raise.

Q: What would you say to someone that wants to feel more challenged in her role, but isn't due for a promotion or job change? (How can she make her working experience better without switching jobs entirely?)

Ask for stretch projects and ask to be involved with things outside of the scope of your job to gain more exposure to the business. Be curious. When you are showing interest in growing your career, it will be noticed. Never stay stagnant.

Q: A lot of people see switching career fields as not moving up the career ladder, but rather, moving further from the top. How would you frame changing careers in relation to moving up the ladder? Is it a positive or negative move, and why?

I have spent my life making calculated moves to move up the career ladder. I have switched industries and careers and it has gotten me to where I am today. I would say be bold and make the change. Go with your gut. Do your research and make an informed decision before making a move. Lateral moves that are calculated can absolutely be positive.

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