Ask Rhonda: How to Successfully Transition from One Role to Another

December 10 - Rhonda Vetere

Rhonda Vetere is a top technology executive. She’s served as the Chief Information and Technology Officer at Estee Lauder, and has contributed her knowledge to institutions like the US Olympics and Paralympics, George Mason University School of Business, SWAAY Magazine, Miss Fashion Week and more. She recently announced her new role of Chief Information Officer of Infrastructure at Santander Bank. Rhonda likes to play golf, and encourages her friends and associates to pursue active, healthy lifestyles as an integral part of career success and improving performance.

“Ask Rhonda” is a monthly column where Rhonda will answer all your burning questions about starting your own venture, moving up the career ladder and more! In today’s column, we discuss transitioning job roles.

Q: What were the signs it was time to transition to a project or role that's different and potentially out of your comfort zone?

A: I consider myself a change agent and a “fixer.” When at dinner with a dear friend of mine recently, she told me that I remind her of Olivia Pope, which I found to be hysterical.

In my opinion, it is time to leave an opportunity when it gets stagnant and you have made all of the impact that you can. I enjoy coming into a company and being a change agent, making improvements, and transforming the business.

Q: Many people don't transition into new careers out of fear of failing. What would you say to them? Have you ever failed during a transition, and what did you do to bounce back?

A: If you aren’t anxious or afraid, then you are not taking yourself out of your comfort zone. That is key to be able to grow. I am always looking for opportunities to stretch myself, whether in business, fitness, and life. I recently participated in a 55-mile run through the Serengeti and it was a huge test to my mental and physical capabilities. Certainly a life-changing experience that I will never forget.

Q: Many of our readers are concerned with how to take care of yourself while hustling. How do you stay positive when you are feeling overwhelmed and your limits are being tested?

A: I use fitness as an outlet to deal with stress. I make better decisions when exercising. I am not able to be a good leader to my team if I am not taking care of myself. This is something that I like to have trickle down to my team and encourage them to participate in fitness and self-care. I even challenged some of them to do an IRONMAN 70.3 with me a few months back!

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