Kip Garvey


We always hear about the women behind successful men, but rarely about the men behind and beside successful women. Kip proudly embraces that moniker as the steady and stalwart “behind the scenes” guy at On The Dot. He was instrumental in the inception of On The Dot, when his wife—our founder, Melinda Garvey—jumped up on yet another soapbox and declared that something had to be done to give women access to the role models they need to succeed.

Kip may have also been the chief wine supplier in those early days when we got On The Dot off the ground. Kip has a knack for fixing the “unfixable” and simply figuring it out, no matter what. Perhaps it’s his laid-back Kiwi roots that give him the fortitude to always be the only guy in the room, but whatever the case, he is a proud member of our team, and a stanch supporter of women.

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