Natalie Merola

Natalie “Kitty” Merola is the editor and content strategist here at On The Dot Woman. Natalie brought her colorful, vibrant, and bubbly world to Austin via her Miami flavor. Her roots in photography and news reporting stem from her own inquisitive childhood interest in asking questions, with a notepad, pen and Kodak flash camera handy. If there wasn’t a way to interview or meet with an industry leader, you bet she was news gathering and sharing her findings one way or another!

With a digital multimedia focus from Florida International University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Natalie thrives off connecting through social media and reporting on the pulse of girl power, current trends, human interest stories and social good brands. From raising awareness about the student loan debt crisis on Twitter and landing the next flight to New York City to guest speak on the Today Show; and messaging Steve Wozniak on Foursquare to meet for dinner and discuss net neutrality and all things tech, these are only a couple of ways Natalie maneuvers the age of digital media.

She finds a common thread to bring the community together through sometimes some of the tough, but necessary conversations, or the lighthearted topics you didn’t know that you needed to hear and enjoy that feel good vibe. She’s a millennial mom who will help you stay informed and entertained with her blog’s “100% red hot thoughts” opinions on Ginger Me Glam, while showing you how to best organize your goals and get actionable! Empowering this ginger gal with the audacity to speak up and uplift voices is unparalleled and met with unapologetic resilience and humor. Defying the status quo with engaging stories of triumph and growth thrill her to the bone.

Natalie looks forward to helping women visualize their potential dreams and possibilities to thrive and take the lead with each and every feature through OTD. What untapped story is unwritten inside of you? Read, feel the inspiration, and fuel your dreams, too. This is the way Natalie sees the future of the OTD community: women mentoring each other through their stories, legacy, and best tips to break glass ceilings.

Reach Natalie to submit your guest contributions, nominations for inspiring Women To Watch or for story ideas at [email protected]

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