Four Tips for the Bootstrapping Entrepreneur

January 15 - Cameron Cruse

Being an entrepreneur isn't an easy task, especially in the beginning stages. And if you're just beginning, you might be a bootstrapped! To "bootstrap" is to get oneself out of their situation using existing resources.

Here's how to get started with what you've already got:

  1. Challenge the status quo.

Manufacturing should be centralized. Every time we explained our business model to someone “smarter” than us, we got the, oh that’s interesting but it will never work comment. Lisa and I had a vision and although we knew NOTHING about manufacturing or running and scaling a business we weren’t going to let that stop us. And that’s what Google is for.

2. Embrace the process.

I used to look at this as having an end game, like building something with an end state. But what I have come to realize is that business is constantly evolving, my role is changing, the challenges that go along with each stage of the business prove equally as hard. Success is the process and so is the satisfaction.

3. Don’t spend your time, invest it.

I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as work life balance – actions will speak loudly about what we really want and what we really think is important. My business andmy family, and maybe a tiny bit of self care.

4. Engage your tribe.

Your friends, your fellow spouses, your local community your national military network – no spouse is an island. Collaboration is one of the most significant tools we have used in growing our business. Get in front of people. The connection is incredibly powerful.

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