Four Expert Tips for Fulfilling Custom Orders

January 17 - Allegra Murray

One way to make your business stand out is by offering clients a unique experience through custom orders. Every customer loves the opportunity to commission an “exclusive” product which was made to meet their specifications. If your business model allows for order personalization, here are four helpful tips to ensure your endeavor is a success!

  1. Be Open To New Ideas

When offering custom orders, clients often have their own design ideas. Always listen to your customers and ask lots of questions. What are they hoping to accomplish through the order? Who is their target audience? How can the product be unique? Sometimes clients present new ideas and designs that you may never before considered! It’s a great way to receive direct input into your current offerings and evolve your business.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

Remember that you are the expert in your business. Clients are relying on that expertise to ensure custom orders meet their expectations. If a customer has a request or design that will not meet your quality standards, let them know your concerns prior to accepting the order and offer an alternative. By saying “no,” the client will appreciate your having their best interests in mind and value your opinion.

3. Custom Orders = Heightened Customer Service

Communicating throughout the fulfillment process is essential to ensuring customer satisfaction. When discussing the order specifications with the client, they may already have a vision of their completed order. Instead of immediately tackling the project in bulk, start with creating a single item and send pictures of product in development throughout the process. This will foster a relationship based on trust and give the client confidence that their order will meet their expectations.

4. Expand Social Media Audience

Each and every custom order provides a unique opportunity to grow your number of social media impressions. Focus on the aspects of the order that may appeal to a different audience and use hashtags to reach new perspective clients. Demonstrating your range of work also allows current customers to see the continued growth of your business and give them new inspiration for their next order!

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