Five Need-to-know Tips for Preparing for Exams

June 8 - Alex Longoria

You've prepared for this test for several months - many long hours spent poring over countless books, articles, study guides, and PowerPoint notes. Whether it's an AP test, the SAT, or the GRE, here are some helpful tips to add in between your test prep regimen as you prepare for the big exam.

Get a good night’s rest.

Getting a good night’s rest before an exam is paramount for performing well. Staying up late to cram for an exam will only lead to stress and anxiety. Try to go to bed eight hours before you need to wake up and at a time that allows you to get ready in the morning at a comfortable pace. Not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep the night before a test will leave you feeling groggy and irritable, and you may even struggle with concentration.

Stay hydrated.

Our bodies depend on water to survive. Water helps our bodies regulate temperature and it helps transport nutrients to the rest of the body to keep us energized. Make sure to keep a water bottle nearby while you take your exam to avoid getting up and disturbing other test takers.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Having a healthy breakfast will prevent your blood-sugar levels from dropping and ensure you remain focused since your body has received the nutrients it needs to perform its best.

Chew gum or eat mints to stay alert.

Studies conducted at the University of Cincinnati found the scent of mint aided concentration, and test subjects performed better when required to sustain concentration. It has also been shown that eating mint candy or gum can help improve focus and overall alertness, especially during exam situations. If gum isn’t allowed in your test facility, various mint candies work well. Take them when you begin to feel groggy or have a break in between exam sections.

Review your work.

If you finish early, review your work. Make sure every question is answered, every bubble filled in and every writing prompt completed to the best of your ability. Review your work, but don’t overthink it. Trust your gut instincts.

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