Rochelle Rae: Boldness + Beauty + Passion = Pretty

April 21 - On The Dot
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FIRST THOUGHT: The Truth About Beauty

So I had one of those mornings today. You know what I’m talking about:a morning where I just can’t seem to find the right outfit and my hair won’t listen to my brush. What gives? I admit it: I am often my own worst critic. But I think most women would agree that self-critiquing can feel like a never-ending battle when it comes to our outward appearances. I read once that the vast majority of women frequently see beauty in other women but rarely see it in themselves, which made me think: What is it that makes women feel beautiful? And, more importantly, how can we feel it more often?


As you ponder the topic of beauty and start to consider how exquisite you really are, consider the number 43. It’s the latest edition of the famous Pirelli calendar, a monthly organizer-cum-portrait-display traditionally featuring nude and nearly nude portraits of the world’s most beautiful women. If this sounds a bit objectifying, hold the phone for a second. This year, Pirelli, a brand that also makes luxury Italian tires, branched out and featured women of achievement (clothed or unclothed, woman’s choice) spanning different ages, industries and backgrounds. Those who grace this year’s captivating page-turner include Serena Williams, Kathleen Kennedy, Patti Smith and Amy Schumer. The compilation was captured by photographer Annie Leibovitz, only the second woman in the past 25 years to have photographed the calendar. Air high-five to Pirelli for recognizing beauty lies in us all.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Rochelle Rae, CEO of Rae Cosmetics

I’m a firm believer that a woman is most beautiful when pursuing her passions. Exhibit A: Rochelle Rae. In 2005, Rae launched Rae Cosmetics, a cruelty-free makeup line designed for women who live in hot, humid climates and like to live active lifestyles. Originally from the Midwest, Rae blossomed from a shy child into a CEO and successful businesswoman. After receiving her undergrad degree in fine arts and attending the Makeup Designory in Hollywood, Rae hightailed it to Austin. Her passion for creating beauty, catalyzed by the support of her family, allowed her to start Rae Cosmetics. Rae is now widely known as a premier makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur, and her cosmetic line is carried throughout the U.S., and has started to expand to the U.K., Andorra, Portugal and Spain, spreading beauty worldwide. What’s not to love about that? Rae is adamant about reminding women everywhere that doing what you love and being who you are is the best equation for finding true beauty.


All the passion Rae embodies as a leading lady in the cosmetics industry reminds me of a quote from 20th century actress Rosalind Russell, one I have no doubt Rae would double tap if she saw posted on Instagram: “Taking joy in life is a woman’s best cosmetic.”

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