Erin Albert: She’s an Advocate for Getting STEAMED

April 13 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Prescription for Success

If you ask anyone what a pharmacist does, chances are they’ll respond with something menial, like, “count pills.” But like most careers, pharmacy extends beyond the cliché pill-pusher. The modern health-care community is becoming more of an all-hands-on-deck industry, with pharmacists working collaboratively with social workers, physicians and even dieticians to provide patients with a more comprehensive approach to health.

Today, we’re celebrating the women who do everything they can to help us lead our best and healthiest lives—and don’t judge us too much when we feel compelled to eat pizza three days in a row!


If you look closely at just about any graduating class of new health-care professionals—heck, even those in veterinary medicine—you’ll see a whole lot of bros. But when it comes to the field of pharmacy, lots more gals are earning their white coats. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are five professions in which women totally dominate, including in the pharmacy industry, in which women make up more than half of professional pharmacists.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Erin Albert, Entrepreneur, Pharmacist, Writer and Founder of Pharm LLC and Yuspie LLC

Today, we’re talking about one woman who’s turning the pharmacy industry on its head and recreating the way students—especially girls and women—learn. Erin Albert is not only a health-outcomes pharmacist—meaning she conducts research and measures results of various medical treatments—she’s also an attorney, a writer, a mentor, a podcaster and an award-winning entrepreneur. Whew! Just saying all that makes me feel a little unproductive!

Erin has been totally ruling the pharmacy industry for decades, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. What’s particularly special about Erin, besides her infinite training and spectacular resume, is her knack for making complicated subject matter accessible.

For 10 years, Erin taught courses at Butler University in such subjects as pharmacy, advocacy and public health. She also further made a name for herself by founding two companies, Pharm LLC and Yuspie LLC. Through Pharm LLC, she helps medical and health-care and life-science professionals develop their careers, predominantly in the medical-device, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and creates products that focus on life science and STEM. Through Yuspie LLC, Erin provides consulting and coaching, with a focus on entrepreneurship. Oh yeah, and she also hosts a podcast and regularly blogs about her experiences as a woman working in the scientific world.

Erin is an advocate for STEAMED education, defined as science, technology, engineering, art, math, entrepreneurship and design. And she is passionate about helping young girls learn about and engage in the languages of science, tech, engineering and math. For the past several years, Erin has worked to reach her goal of educating girls through her acclaimed children’s book series featuring a princess who explores Planet STEM. She’s also written a host of other academic books, with subjects ranging from advice for the next pharmacy-school graduate to words of wisdom for single women entrepreneurs. This prolific writer follows author Toni Morrison’s advice: When she can’t find a book about a subject she wants to read about, she takes it as a sign from the universe that she needs to be the one who writes it.

It’s no surprise that this inspiring woman served as a mentor at this year’s South By Southwest conference, where she emphasized how critical it is to engage the next generation to take an interest in STEAMED education.


Erin Albert embodies this quote from singer Dolly Parton, who said:

“Figure out who you are, then do it on purpose.”

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