Hope Alcocer: Using Struggle to Create Success

October 5 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Searching for Independence

Big ideas are pretty seductive. I woke up on Saturday morning ready to completely organize my closet. It’s time to simplify, I thought. After organizing less than half of it, I took a break, threw a load of laundry in the dryer and flopped on the couch. Two episodes of The Office later, I completely abandoned the closet, left the dry clothes in a hamper and made it all the way through the series to see Jim asking Pam on a date. I failed my mega-sized organization project, and now, it looms over me as my Monday morning alarm sounds. If I’m being truly honest with myself, I realize that maybe my weekend endeavor should’ve solely been putting away my clean clothes. Let’s not forget that Wonder Woman relaxes on Paradise Island from time to time; while grand goals are crucial to success, not every day has to be full of towering tasks.

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: More than Half

In May 2018, news broke that a 30-year-old dude was evicted from his parents’ home. While plenty of people responded to the news with laughter and puzzlement, plenty more millennials said, “same.” See, the numbers don’t lie: Of millennials aged 18 to 24 years old more than half still live with their parents. This stat could be due to rising housing costs, low-income jobs and student loan debt. Ah, what a great time to be alive.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Hope Alcocer, Owner of Wonder Woman Media

Today’s Woman to Watch, Hope Alcocer, is the kind of millennial that knows it ain’t easy finding success in 2018, but dangit, if she doesn’t make it look easy. At 22 years old, this hustlin’ entrepreneur created her very own company, now called Wonder Woman Media.

Starting a business right out of college is something many dream of but few succeed at. This wasn’t just a dream for Hope, but also a necessity; Unable to hold a typical 9-to-5 job following a brain injury and constant seizures, Hope needed to be out of an office environment and be her own boss. Eight or so years later, Hope has proven to us dreamy millennials that entrepreneurship isn’t impossible.

From content writing and event planning to digital marketing, Hope considers herself and her business a “Jill-of-all-trades.” Her clients are mainly women, something that Hope considers an integral part of what keeps her passionate. Helping women is second nature to Hope, who also regularly contributes to an online therapy platform called Talkspace. In covering topics like self-sabotage and healthy daily habits, she’s kind of like that friend who says exactly what you need to hear without you realizing it.

While there certainly is no true-size-fits-all approach to earning a fulfilling living, one thing’s for sure: A girl’s got to have her tribe. When Hope celebrated the publication of her second book, 30 Things Before 30, her friends traveled hundreds of miles to support her. The book dives into 30 lessons Hope has learned, including why you should set boundaries, embrace self-care and remembering that social media lies to you.

Hope’s soon-to-be bestseller follows her successful first book called Where Hope Lies, a fictional story of replacing Ramen and rice cakes with self-love. It quickly sold out, with millennial readers identifying with the narrative that when life knocks you down, you get back up, girl.

There’s something special about Hope’s message: She reminds us we can blame how we were raised, how our boss treats us, how our teachers failed and more, but really, success all comes down to who we are. There’s a lot of power in accepting that we can’t control what others say or do. There’s a lot of hope.

Follow Hope on Twitter at @hopealcocer.


Hope Alcocer has plenty of binge-worthy advice, including this:

"Stop comparing yourself to everyone else's timeline - everyone else's set of goals - everyone else's Insta-story or feed. Just stop. This is your life, your journey, your story. Stop trying to align with what is 'normal' - who depicted and defined 'normal,' anyway?"

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