Jane Chen: How This Baby Spacesuit is Saving Lives

November 28 - On The Dot
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Sometimes, when I’m having a rough day, I leave the office with nothing on my mind but a glass of wine and the comfiest spot on the couch. But when I arrive home, I am inundated with requests from my kiddo about what’s for dinner, whether I can help with homework and how many of his friends are allowed over on the weekend. As a working mother, it can all be a little overwhelming.

But then I think about how wondrous my life has been with my kid, and just the thought of him makes me smile and shake off any inconvenience I may feel about tackling my mom duties.

Whether you’re a mom, an aunt, a grandmother or just a supporter of friends who have kids, take some time today to be grateful for all those little young’uns in your life.


Ladies, if you have children, you have probably noticed how in just the blink of an eye, your little tykes are all grown up. This realization may give you pause and have you thanking your lucky stars for such healthy, happy kids.

The truth is that those of us who have children without complications are very fortunate, as there are about 15 million babies born preterm each and every year. Throughout 184 countries, mothers are losing their children due to preterm complications, the leading cause of death among children under the age of 5.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom since cost-effective solutions, such as antibiotics to treat newborn infections and steroid injections for pregnant women at high risk, could save as many as three-fourths of those children.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Jane Chen, CEO and Co-founder of Embrace Innovations

Regulating the body temperature is integral to saving premature babies, but because a single infant incubator can cost $25,000, many low-income countries can’t afford this lifesaving device, and often lose babies because of it.

Jane Chen is the innovative woman who is giving these babies a real chance at survival. She is the CEO and co-founder of Embrace Innovations, the maker of some truly revolutionary baby products that are changing the future for the world’s most at-risk babies.

The Embrace Infant Warmer is an affordable, portable baby warmer that emulates an incubator and can keep babies at the perfect body temperature for up to eight hours. You might have heard about this adorable little product—which looks like a cross between a spacesuit and a tiny sleeping bag—from your mom friends, who likely commented that it’s the “best thing ever!” Heck, even Beyoncé has taken note. She offered to give Jane $125,000 to distribute Embrace products throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

This little warmer has helped save more than 200,000 babies in 10 countries. Last year, Embrace Innovations expanded to include a retail line of baby products called Little Lotus. Made with the same temperature-controlling fabric used in NASA spacesuits, Little Lotus swaddles, blankets and sleep sacks keep babies at the ideal temperature. And when you purchase a Little Lotus product, a baby in need in the developing world will receive one too.

Jane aspires to save a million babies in the next few years with this technology, and she’s well on her way. One of the printed fabrics Little Lotus offers was fashioned by an artist and features traced hands from women and children from all over the world. This imagery is symbolic of Jane’s journey to unite the world in giving every baby the ability to live and thrive.


Everyone loves that new-baby smell, right? There’s something so special about new life. As childhood expert and writer Eda LeShan said:

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

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