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November 27 - On The Dot

When I was returning home from a trip abroad, my suitcase was over the weight limit by about 10 pounds. I was a penny-pinching college student at the time, so, naturally, I took about 10 pounds of clothing out, put it all on right there at the airline service desk and saved the extra cost. Granted, wearing rain boots, three sweaters and a coat didn’t make for a very relaxing travel experience, but it was a quick fix to my dilemma. Everyone has some kind of wild travel story, from terribly delayed flights to celebrity sightings and even appalling behavior from fellow passengers. What’s your story? Share it with us @OnTheDotWoman on Twitter.


OK, I’ll admit every time I pack for a trip, I end up throwing in things I never wear. I think, “Maybe I’ll actually sport this giant sweater or those ridiculously high heels on my vacay!” Apparently, I’m not alone. According to one study from travel website Holiday Hypermarket, for a typical weeklong trip, women routinely pack tons of stuff, including between six and eight pairs of shoes and about 36 items of clothing. But in the end, we wear less than half of that stuff, with 91 percent of women never wearing all the clothes we packed.

WOMEN TO WATCH: Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, Co-founders of Away

You know how you see those effortlessly lovely women at the airport with a breezy scarf, chic wedges and bold lipstick? They’re always toting the perfectly sized carry-on too. If you’re in the mood to refresh your travel vibes and channel those fab jet-setters, consider checking out Away, a luggage company that creates functionally minimal suitcases with style.

Away was started by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, and within their first year in business, the company hit a staggering $12 million in sales. Part of Away’s success stems from the philosophy that a suitcase should pull more than its weight; it should be your home between homes, your closet between closets, your outlet between outlets—because if you’re looking down at your broken bag, you can’t see the world in front of you. It’s a conviction that helped them develop what is, essentially, the perfect suitcase.

It started with Jen and Steph’s Away carry-on. With two compartments, one for clothes and one for toiletries, the inside features sensible storage solutions and a nylon laundry bag for keeping clean and dirty clothes separate. It can even keep wet swimsuits from soaking other items. And the compression pad means you’ll be able to get all 36 pieces of your clothing packed securely—without having to jump up and down on your luggage!

The exterior of this suitcase features a never-going-to-break case and some really cool tech features, including a built-in battery so you can easily charge your dead iPhone or any USB device.

Of course, if you’re unwilling to give up your eight pairs of shoes for a trip, Away also offers a larger carry-on and checked suitcases of the same high quality.

Back when it had only a team of about a dozen, Jen and Steph both worked at Warby Parker, the hip eyeglass company known for its rebellious spirit. And previously, Steph worked as a buyer for Bloomingdale’s and Kate Spade, while Jen dominated the social-media industry for companies like Amazon and Neutrogena.

Jen and Steph say they are very much right brain and left brain, complementing each other’s work style seamlessly and playing off each other’s strengths to ensure Away continues to reach great heights. Bon voyage, ladies!


Jen Rubio and Steph Korey would no doubt agree with this quote from opera singer Joyce DiDonato:

“I’ve learned that you don’t need a lot in life. If it can’t fit into a suitcase, you don’t really need it.”

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