Jordan Jones

From Side Hustle to Uber-Successful Business
October 18 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: It’s Time to Party, Party

I’m already thinking about my goals for 2019 because let’s face it: Those 2018 resolutions didn’t make it past February. Let’s throw more parties and go to more parties. Like real, best-moments-of-my-life parties. I’m talking about putting on that mini skirt and flirting with my crush in the Valley alongside Cher Horowitz. (OK, I’ll just settle for something that doesn’t involve sticky floors and discount beer). Something a little more Instagram-worthy than Costco-sized bags of chips and reruns of Teen Mom. Today, invite your friends, heck, even your foes, to your very own soiree and see where the evening takes you.


Now that we’re grownups, parties offer another something special: connections. Of course, don’t be that weirdo with a stack of resumes near the veggie tray, but if you connect with someone at a shindig, seize the opportunity. Millennials crave collaboration, new opportunities and a mentor to aspire to be. To be exact, nearly half of female business founders wish they had a mentor. That’s right, 48 percent of women are reporting it’s tough to find a mentor or advisor that’s not a man, and without that critical relationship, they can’t quite make the leaps and bounds they hope to make in their careers.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Jordan Jones, Founder & CEO of Packed Party

Let it be known that Today’s Woman to Watch, Jordan Jones, is the goddess that turns that party of yours into a solid ten. She’s kind of like the party mentor we never had, as the founder and CEO of one of the fastest rising companies, Packed Party.

Running Packed Party ain’t all rainbows and sparkles. It’s major work, and it all started one night with a dream (like, a literal dream). Jordan was feeling low about her job in Silicon Valley, when her mom gave her the tough love she needed by telling her she was throwing herself a pity party. That same night, Jordan dreamed of what an actual pity package would look like, woke up and jotted down her vision. So she began to hustle on the side, shipping packages from her mom’s garage and writing articles on Buzzfeed.

Well, it turns out Jordan’s company fired her for writing publicly about making party packages on the side. In hindsight, I think Jordan can say getting fired was a good thing, though: Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, and other badass ladies like Reese Witherspoon, ended up taking notice of Packed Party. One networking event led to another, and Jordan was finally able to start making money off her gift packages.

As a lifestyle-gifting brand, Packed Party has all of the goodies one needs for any and every party, from a tame brunch with the girls to a raging bachelorette outing. Packed Party is basically packaged sunshine and offers fun drinkware, party packages and confetti-inspired desk accessories. Is one of your besties feeling blue? Send her the “Pick-Me-Up” package—mini avocado piñata and all—or a throwback viewer with a compliment reel that reminds her that her dance moves bring all the boys to the yard.

According to Jordan, one reason why women flock to Packed Party is the cheerful individuality of the products resonates with them and they feel “included.” Another reason? Jordan’s marketing talent; she’s a social media queen. Packed Party offers a surprise to anyone who posts a picture against their office’s “Life’s a Party” mural, and when pumpkin spice latte season hit this year, Packed Party offered followers a free PSL. By identifying what motivates her to keep on keepin’ on, Jordan has been able to create an out-of-the-box company full of curated pieces that’ll inspire women to make every day a party.


We’ve got to quote the party girl herself, Jordan Jones, who said:

"You truly have to believe you are the right person for the job and not care what anyone thinks. Sure, there will be haters, but use them as confirmation you're doing something big."

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