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The One Thing You Need to Spruce Up a Room
June 21 - On The Dot

FIRST THOUGHT: Live With What You Love

“These curtains are permanent. They are never coming down!” That’s what my partner said while meeting his match with a drill and stubborn hardware. While I find decorating to be one of life’s treats, you may very well care less about the paint on the kitchen wall or the sconces in the bedroom. That’s totally OK, but I guarantee that curating your space mindfully can increase your good vibes. Today, I present a zero-dollar decorating challenge. Look around a room in your home and remove one item that elicits either apathy or disdain. Surround yourself only with things that bring you joy. I bet you’ll be feeling a little lighter in no time!


We all know that one person who’s constantly renovating her home décor. But for those whose hands quiver at the sight of a circular saw, there are other ways to spruce up your pad. According to Remodeling Magazine, when it comes to increasing the value of your home, simply painting the walls or adding wallpaper can recuperate as much as 107 percent of the cost of the project. That’s money well spent!

WOMAN TO WATCH: Kate Zaremba, Owner of Kate Zaremba Company

What’s your first thought when I say “wallpaper”? Perhaps it’s Nana’s dusty, yellowing bathroom walls that still give you nightmares. That’s understandable, but modern wallpaper doesn’t have to elicit the terrors. In fact, much of it these days is lovely and artistic. Wallpaper is making a comeback, and I’m all for it! If you’ve got the wallpaper bug too, you’ll definitely want to check out the hip and funky designs created by Kate Zaremba, who combines her knack for creating honed spaces with her fanciful imagination when crafting wallpaper designs through her business, Kate Zaremba Company.

Having worked as a child actress, Kate essentially grew up on theater sets and sound stages. It was a childhood that afforded her imaginary worlds in which to learn and become inspired. Her artistic inspiration cemented, Kate went on to study at the Kansas City Art Institute, mastering textile design, ceramics, fiber and more. Her innate talent led Kate to land a job as the assistant to the Jonathan Adler in New York City before she hopped over to Washington, D.C., for graduate school. That’s also where Kate would later launch her other business, the Lemon Collective, a workshop for creators.

When Kate decided to create her Kate Zaremba Company, she was met with challenges many college graduates face: no access to the expensive tools and technology offered by her college. Being the creative entrepreneur she is, Kate got innovative and began using more affordable technology, hand-cutting shapes to create her patterns, then digitizing them.

Each super-cool wallpaper design features Kate’s signature artistic stamp and will surely garner many compliments. From patterns featuring oversized monstera plants to stylish geometric prints, Kate’s work makes a statement. My favorite is her Land of Women print, which, from afar, appears geometric, but upon closer inspection, includes subtle facial features that come to life in the mind’s eye.

If you’re in the mood to add some provocativeness to your walls, Kate’s Leggy Guggenheim design is for you. Sassy and full of pizazz with vibrant colors, it’s a pattern you’re sure to fall in love with.

One of the best characteristics about Kate’s wallpaper is that it’s easily removable, and that means apartment renters everywhere can rejoice. Bye, bye, boring white walls! If you’re in your home for good, no worries: Kate’s wallpapers will last beautifully for decades. So, what are you waiting for? Wallpaper on, ladies!

Do you want to wallpaper your space but are too terrified to do it? Check out these five tips from our Woman to Watch, Kate Zaremba, for saying yes to wallpaper—and putting it up all by yourself. Click the link here or go to OnTheDotWoman.com to learn more.


With Kate Zaremba’s artistic designs in mind, let’s finish with a quote from 19th century textile designer William Morris:

“Whatever you have in your rooms, think first of the walls.”

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