Lisa Mitchell: Learn How Your Body Language Can Propel Your Career

July 3 - On The Dot

FIRST THOUGHT: The Power of Body Language

Have you ever watched a movie in which two people are supposed to be in love but you just don’t buy it? It doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of the biggest celebs in the steamiest of scenes; if they’re not vibing, the film falls flat. Beyond personality tests and gut feelings, you can tell a lot about whether someone is going to fit into your life—or your company—by reading his or her body language. From holding back on facial expressions to giving zero eye contact, nonverbal cues often say it all. Today, correct your posture, quit fidgeting with your jewelry and whatever you do, save your eye rolls for the safety of your own home.


In 1971, psychology professor Albert Mehrabian researched the significance of nonverbal communication for his book, Silent Messages. Examining salespeople and how others felt about their credibility, he found that what salespeople said mattered, sure, but what they didn’t say mattered even more. In fact, 55 percent of a salesperson’s credibility or impact was attributed to body language. His or her tone of voice accounted for 38 percent of credibility, and study participants said only 7 percent of a given salesperson’s credibility came from what he or she actually said.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Lisa Mitchell, Communications Expert in Body Language

We can all read a spread in People Magazine examining how celebs’ body language explains why they were bound to split up. But beyond that, most of us need a little help in this department. Luckily, Lisa Mitchell is here to help. A specialist in the field of body language, Lisa teaches her clients how to communicate with confidence, increase their influence and leverage their nonverbal skills to help them get the credit, money and respect they deserve at work.

Indeed, Lisa is skilled at helping executives achieve a certain enviable swagger. From hosting conferences and offering focused courses to sharing in-depth podcasts and making many media appearances, Lisa is all about teaching others how to win in the game of business by using nonverbal strategies to give the impression of being the most charming expert in the room. Sounds pretty phenomenal, right?

This Indiana-based Woman to Watch offers up plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t put body language on the back burner. This approach is simple, and by taking minimal, actionable steps, you can work toward reaching your goals. While garnering a promotion and an office assistant might make you feel like you own the company, such advancements take time. In the meantime, with Lisa’s help, you can start learning how to move as a leader today.

Working with recognized brands like the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and pharmaceutical giant Lilly, Lisa offers courses specific for those at any level in business.

But what I especially appreciate about Lisa is that her advice can help you outside the office too. For example, here are her top three scientifically proven tips for how to be more at ease in any social situation. First, walk into the place like you want to be there—without your phone in your hand—and with a genuine smile. Linger in the “hot zone,” the area of the space where people tend to gather. And perhaps most importantly, replace boring chitchat with more engaging questions that easily elicit conversation. Ask about what projects a person is working on or whether she has a vacation planned. It might feel a little awkward at first, but as Lisa says, by using these techniques, you can quickly move from uncomfortable to awesome!

First impressions are paramount to forming a good relationship. Check out these four body-language secrets for mastering a powerful first impression, plus our in-depth video interview from today’s Woman to Watch, Lisa Mitchell. Click here or head to to learn more.


With Lisa Mitchell’s work in mind, today’s quote comes from author Cindy Ann Peterson, who said:

“A strong, confident person can rule the room with knowledge, personal style, attitude and great posture.”

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