Marlene Veloso and Erin McConaghy: She’s Curating Kid Care

October 11 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Word to the Wise

Have you noticed how some parents are very careful what they say around their infants, even chiding friends who use inappropriate language around Baby? But she’s an infant. She has no idea what anyone’s saying, right? Well, if you’re dropping four-letter words around your baby niece, you may want to think twice. Sure, her main activity might be sucking on her own toes and nodding off, but plenty of baby experts have asserted these little rug rats may actually be actively listening. That’s exciting and kind of terrifying, like having a miniature spy in your own home. Today, for every baby—or seemingly half-witted colleague—you encounter, do your best to be respectful. Maybe your spirited theories about the meaning of life will fall on confused ears, but you never know, you may get a contemplative response in the form of “Goo goo gaga,” or some other such clearly profound retort. It’s worth a shot!

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: Nearly $12,000

Sure, babies are adorable bundles of drool, but they’re also dang expensive—from the very beginning. One journalist explored what it would cost for his wife to have a normal delivery at a local hospital, and his findings were astounding. Since about 4 million women give birth in American hospitals annually, calculating the fees should be simple enough, but that’s actually far from reality. Many hospitals offer no definitive estimate, and those that do suggest wildly varied amounts. The answer: Childbirth in an American hospital could cost anywhere from $1,000 to nearly $12,000!

WOMEN TO WATCH: Marlene Veloso and Erin McConaghy, Co-founders of Curated Care

Whether you’re still a few years from being in the family way or are radiant with the glow that comes only with having a bun in the oven, today’s Women to Watch will inspire you to think a little differently about child-rearing. Marlene Veloso and Erin McConaghy are the co-founders of Curated Care, a first-of-its-kind online marketplace that connects families with kid experts for activity-based child care in the home.

Here’s how it works: Moms search the Curated Care website for activities they’d like their kids to learn, from science, to sports, art, theater, language and so on. Then the site connects parents with vetted professional babysitters, teachers, language instructors, artists, musicians, tutors and the like, who engage kids with enriching activities, all in your home on your schedule. From crafty color expressionists to science-experiment-focused jugglers to Broadway actresses, the possibilities for refining your child’s activities are practically limitless.

The idea for this smart biz came about when Marlene was searching for a babysitter who could do more than pop in a Disney movie and crash on the couch with her smartphone. She wanted someone who could enrich her daughter’s life, a conviction that, as an artist, teacher and children’s-literacy expert, Marlene knew was paramount to a well-rounded upbringing. She turned to her daughter’s teacher, Erin, an early childhood expert, Montessori teacher, theater wiz and mom, who knew there was value in exposing kids to creative opportunities.

So, the two created Curated Care, to smashing success. Currently available in the Northeast, Curated Care is expanding nationwide, with Marlene and Erin offering up tons of background-checked kid experts to bring some talented inspiration to kids, whether it’s for a babysitting gig, during an after-school pickup, on the weekend or on parents’ date night. It’s all about providing next-level, in-home education and care for the most important little ones in our lives.

Marlene and Erin are passionate about giving children a chance to explore, learn and have a whole lot of good, old-fashioned fun. You know, the best kids’ stuff!


Marlene Veloso and Erin McConaghy would surely agree with author and educator Charles Swindoll, who said:

“Each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”

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