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December 6 - On The Dot

FIRST THOUGHT: Getting into the Spirit

Ladies, get your spirits up! We’re talking about that golden-hued, barrel-aged, sweet-sipping firewater: whiskey. It’s a boozy beverage that has its roots in 15th century Scotland, but throughout the centuries, whiskey has become a spirited friend to many. For instance, Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of his favorite whiskey, and Winston Churchill was claimed to have traveled to South Africa as a war correspondent with 18 bottles of 10-year-old Scotch whisky. But this distilled, dark liquor isn’t just for the boys. Actress Ava Gardner loved it as much if not more than her male co-stars. And Ron Swanson, the beloved mustachioed character on Parks and Recreation, an absolute devotee of the spirit, famously said, “Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets.” Today, let’s toast all the unrepentant whiskey-drankin’ women out there. May your glass always be full!


If you prefer wine coolers or hard lemonade to an austere ounce of liquor, that’s totally OK, and you’re not alone. But if you have a little of that Ava Gardner zest for whiskey in you, you likely won’t be surprised by today’s statistic. According to a new study, women now account for 37 percent of American whiskey buyers, with millennial women consuming as much whiskey as their male counterparts. We’re breaking more stereotypes than we realized, ladies! Cheers to that!

WOMAN TO WATCH: Marsha Milam, Founder of Ben Milam Whiskey

What’s better than a whiskey-drinkin’ woman? Why, a whiskey-makin’ woman, of course! And today, we’re highlighting one whiskey-brewing lady whose liquor is as authentic as her deep Texas roots. Her name is Marsha Milam and she’s the founder of a brand-new beverage brand called Ben Milam Whiskey that’s taking the spirits industry by storm.

Marsha opened her quickly growing whiskey distillery in the small town of Blanco, Texas, a serene hamlet known for its lush lavender farms, its pastoral state park and now, for Marsha’s kick-in-the-pants sippin’ whiskey. It makes sense Marsha would put her company’s roots down in a historic town in the Lone Star State. After all, her Texas heritage is steeped in tradition.

Marsha’s dad, an oilman, often coaxed her out of her slumber in the middle of the night to accompany him to the oil field, an exciting experience Marsha remembers fondly and that taught her a lot about hard work and big dreams. When developing Ben Milam Whiskey, Marsha remembered these adventurous moments with her father, and hoped her company would honor the spirit of independence and action of the Milam family. Marsha named her whiskey biz after another member of her family, her first cousin six times removed, the lauded Ben Milam, a hero in Texas’ fight for independence. What better name for a “bold, true and gallant” beverage?

While Marsha seems made for the Texas whiskey industry, it’s not her first successful career. She’s worked in public relations and marketing for 20 years, heads her own Marsha Milam Music event-production company, co-founded the eminent Austin Film Festival and is the mastermind behind Ranch Bash, a celebratory party of Texan country singers and songwriters.

While Marsha is still solidly plugged into the entertainment world, she’s happy to kick up her cowgirl boots and spend an evening on the porch sipping Ben Milam Whiskey. And she’s not the only one. Ben Milam Single-barrel Bourbon Whiskey recently earned a double gold medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, honored for its smooth finish and notes of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon. Marsha also makes Ben Milam Small-batch Rye Whiskey aged in new American white-oak-charred barrels. It’ll kick you off your horse in no time. Yee-haw!


Today’s quote comes from another famous whiskey drinker, Mark Twain:
“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”
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