Melissa Strahan: She’s Shining a Light on Better Health

July 11 - On The Dot
FIRST THOUGHT: Your Moment in the Sun

Have you ever gotten a super-bad sunburn? Sure, it hurts, but in addition to the persistent aching and constant waves of heat evaporating off your skin, there’s another annoying consequence of a sunburn: commentary. Anyone and everyone will say something along the lines of, “Looks like you got some sun!” or “Ouch! That must hurt!” or “Hey there, Red Hot!” as if we don’t know we look like a giant blistered tomato. This summer, don’t let the amateur comedians bring you down. Don your favorite swimsuit, hop in the pool and for goodness’ sake, lather on some sunscreen!


We’re made of trillions of cells, and, like us after a long week of work deadlines and carting the kids to countless soccer games, band practices and ballet recitals, they can get pretty tired, y’all. Since we can’t trade in our old, battered cells for new ones, we’ve got to take care of our bodies. Aside from eating right, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly, science suggests we should turn on the red light. Studies show exposing the skin to red-light wavelengths at 660 nanometers can give our cells an energy boost so they can work at a faster rate—as much as 200 percent faster. That means the body can function quicker to remove waste and toxins, produce collagen and repair tissue. In addition to repairing sun damage and fading scars, red-light therapy can also reduce crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and laugh lines. Sign me up!

WOMAN TO WATCH: Melissa Strahan, Co-founder of Joovv

OK, so when you think of red lights, you probably reflect on that traffic light you bulldozed through last week. But in regards to red-light therapy, you might not know extensive research has gone into analyzing this treatment. For instance, NASA studied red-light therapy in the 1990s and discovered the technology activates plant growth in space. Whoa! After that compelling finding, tons of medical research was conducted to learn more about how red-light therapy affects human cells, and the results led NASA to use it to effectively limit astronauts’ bone and muscle loss. Popularity of the treatment grew from there.

That’s how Melissa Strahan discovered this life-changing remedy. After doing her own research, Melissa hit her local salon for some red-light therapy to boost her overall health. Within a few weeks, she saw huge improvements in her skin, including a reduction in the stretch marks she’d had since the birth of her first child, and a total eradication of her eczema. She was hooked!

But with six kids to take care of, it was pretty difficult—not to mention expensive—to visit the salon multiple times a week. That’s when Melissa asked her engineer husband to develop an at-home version of this amazing therapy. He created a convenient, easy-to-use prototype. Before long—and without any outside funding—Melissa turned the red-light invention into a new business: Joovv.

The Joovv Light has really taken off, with fitness-industry influencers and celebs embracing its healthful benefits. The Beauty Professor blog recently named the Joovv Light an innovative skin-care discovery, calling the creation “simply brilliant.”

The Joovv Light is professional-grade, so it employs the same wavelengths that NASA tested. It’s also for full-body use, so by using it just minutes a day, it can improve your skin and aching bod. As Melissa says, the Joovv Light smooths wrinkles, reduces skin damage, eases all sorts of pain and speeds up the healing process.

Despite being extensively researched, for many of us, this technology seems a little out there. That’s why I love that Melissa offers a 60-day trial, free shipping and a hassle-free return policy on the Joovv Light. When it comes to staying healthy, we’re giving Melissa’s red-light therapy the green light!


Stay healthy, ladies! Like author Joyce Meyer said:

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

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