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How Working Hard When You’re Young Pays Off
October 22 - Sarah Ashlock

FIRST THOUGHT: Diversify for Success

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who encourages others to treat themselves. Dangit, I have a hard time doing it for myself, though. Have you done something luxurious for yourself lately? If a beachside massage with a daquiri in hand comes to mind, yes, that sounds amazing. But luxury doesn’t have to empty your savings. Hear me out. Luxury, by definition, means abundance and ease. Now, one of the things so many women struggle with is giving themselves some good old-fashioned time. We don’t dilly-dally. Today, wander: Spend a little more time in the shower than your usual 5-minute rinse. Instead of going straight home after work, do a little window-shopping or see a movie by yourself. I’m here to say you deserve it.


It's a proven fact that happier people make happier employees. What makes people super happy? (well, besides raises and paid time off). Diverse teams. According to McKinsey, 33 percent of teams that are ethnically diverse achieve above-average profits. If a company has pitiful retention, though, there’s a high likelihood that it’s due to this lack of diversity. While being around people with your similar background might be comfortable at first, studies have shown that jobs are more satisfying and productive when those from all walks of life come together.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Monica Eaton-Cardone, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author

You know we live and die by the idea that women are stronger together. All it takes is one woman to show another that it can be done. Today’s Woman to Watch, Monica Eaton-Cardone, is all about this concept.

Back when Monica was 12, she had her first job at a farm skinning mink pelts, believe it or not. After graduating high school at the early-achieving age of just 16, though, she found herself working two jobs while working toward a college degree in art and architecture. Naturally, Monica sold her very first company at 19 years old, and she has since worked in IT for years. Since then, she has founded and leads three companies: eCommerce Services, Global Risk Technologies and Chargebacks911. With a focus on ecommerce and risk, Monica charts a path toward using tech as a solution-based approach.

Another thing that Monica does? Earn accolades. She was shortlisted for the Woman in PayTech Award. Then there are all the organizations Monica’s a member of, like Make-A-Wish and Kiwanis.

One of Monica’s favorite pieces of advice for entrepreneurship, inspired by the one and only Cinderella, is to be strong and courageous. This is something Monica remembers when she’s on the public stage discussing how women in startups can “stack the odds in their favor,” or instructing the audience how to negotiate for what you want in the workplace.

Monica’s greatest inspiration has been her grandmother, a former model and ballerina. Before hitting 30, Monica’s grandmother fell off a streetcar, becoming paralyzed from the waist down. Even though the doctor said her grandmother would never have kids, she had three. That’s a story that stirs up something in Monica, as it demonstrates you can’t ever let someone else tell you what your destiny will be.

Follow Monica on Twitter @Monica_Eaton.

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There’s always something special about hearing words straight from our Woman to Watch, and this quote by Monica Eaton-Cardone is no different. She said:

"It's not a matter of political correctness; it's just smart business sense. The more diverse your workforce, the better your chances of connecting with a broad range of consumers across all demographics."

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