Tavi Gevinson: Feminism, Fashion and Good Fortune

June 15 - On The Dot
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FIRST THOUGHT: Turning Friendship into a Work of Art

The first time I noticed the power of female friendship was when I went trick-or-treating as a kid. When we’re young, even the simplest things, like asking a stranger for candy on Halloween, can seem daunting. But when I walked up to the door in my Minnie Mouse costume with my best friend next to me, I wasn’t so scared.

The same can be said now. Don’t you feel a lot braver when you’ve got your favorite gal pal by your side? Interacting with like-minded women, whether it’s your best friend or your favorite ladies on Twitter, can make you feel like Superwoman. So put on your red cape and become unstoppable today!


We often find camaraderie with women we may never have met. One of these amazing women is Georgia O’Keefe. She produced more than 2,000 paintings in her lifetime and is often referred to as the “mother of American modernism.” But despite her artistic prowess, O’Keefe quit painting three times during her lifetime for various reasons.

The number three came back around for O’Keefe when her “Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1” went to auction. The white, green and blue painting sold for $44 million. That’s three times the previous record given to a female artist! Sadly, that doesn’t even come close to the record for a male artist: $179.4 million for a painting by Pablo Picasso.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Tavi Gevinson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rookie

Tavi Gevinson is a stylish boss lady who was born in 1996. Her remarkable career path started when she was just 12 years old and launched her fashion blog, Style Rookie. It quickly became one of the premier online style destinations, drawing in 54,000 daily readers, including Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. That platform inspired Gevinson to create an online magazine called Rookie written by and for girls, all through a feminist lens.

The magazine looks like a blast from the My-So-Called-Life past, with colorful, hand-drawn illustrations of everyday life (and rainbows!). You can browse by categories like “Dear Diary” and monthly issues like “Truth or Dare.” The site isn’t just for girls. Some of the insight these teens share is awe-inspiring, and with series like “Ask a Grown Woman,” in which well-known ladies like Julia Louis-Dreyfus answer tough questions, you’re bound to spend hours exploring Rookie’s content.

For the past four years, the online magazine has seen immeasurable success. Gevinson now manages a staff of 80 people. Last October, she was one of the speakers at Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit. And in 2014, Rookie started publishing a “yearbook” every year, which is full of interviews and contributions from staff writers, Rookie readers and celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Sarah Silverman.

As if that isn’t enough on her plate, Gevinson is also an actress. She guest starred in one of my favorite shows, Parenthood, and now has a part in Broadway’s The Crucible. One of Gevinson’s tips for staying sane as an entrepreneur and actress is to maintain a schedule and call it a day by 7 p.m. Smart thinking!

Gevinson gives girls and women a medium to share their voices. She’s been in meetings in which adults try to guess what young people want or what they’re feeling, and she suggests they just ask and listen to what young people have to say. Gevinson echoes On The Dot’s belief that by sharing your voice, you empower girls and women to share theirs too.


Today’s quote is brought to you by the wise and renowned artist, Georgia O’Keefe herself. She said:

“The men liked to put me down as the best woman painter. I think I’m one of the best painters.”

That’s all for now. Be sure to share this so more women can have a voice! Thanks for getting ready with us.

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