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August 15 - On The Dot
It’s a great day to be a woman! Melinda Garvey here as your voice, with the mission to give women everywhere a place to be heard and tell their stories. We’d love to hear from you!

FIRST THOUGHT: People Helping People

When we think of giving, we often think of donating money or time to a charity. Maybe we kick ourselves for not doing it as often as we’d like. But there are a lot of small ways to be generous throughout your day, like holding the door for someone or helping someone pick up the papers she dropped.

When you’re having a rough day, aren’t these the things that keep you from raising your fists and screaming into the sky? Today, let that car get in front of you in traffic or compliment a total stranger on her gorgeous dress. Give a little.

WOMEN IN NUMBERS: $600 Million

If you want to take your generosity to the next level, charity is where it’s at. Women Moving Millions is a philanthropic community focused on investing in women and girls throughout the world.

Since the organization started in 2007, Women Moving Millions has committed $600 million to women’s and girls’ initiatives worldwide.

The nonprofit’s mission is to catalyze unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls, and we’d say they’re doing a great job. Women Moving Millions has inspired bold levels of giving, creating a new culture in breakthrough philanthropy, and is making the world a better place for women and girls to thrive.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Terri-Lynn Woodhouse, Co-founder and Chief World Changer of One Earth

If today’s got you in the mindset to give, consider taking a look at the website for One Earth. Started by Terri-Lynn Woodhouse, One Earth works with artisan partners from 11 countries—everywhere from Peru and Chile to China and Nepal—to offer handcrafted and handpicked goods.

The website features a world of really neat handmade wares, including spa products like argan oil bars and all-natural black soap exfoliant, as well as loose-leaf tea in flavors like Peach Delight and Orange Creamsicle (Yum!), and colorful handbags, beautiful jewelry and fun accessories. One Earth even offers the perfect comfy slippers, embroidered and handmade in Morocco, of course!

The spirit behind these amazing products that help support artisans the world over, Terri-Lynn was raised in Canada and spent a lot of time traveling as a kid. With a bachelor’s degree and post-graduate education spanning subjects from language to organizational development and political science, she has worked in management, marketing, sales and operations for various brands in the United States.

But Terri-Lynn’s true passion came to light in 2012, as she hiked across idyllic Northern Spain with her dad, Malcolm, landing in the exotic destination of Morocco. There, she came across stunningly beautiful products made by women, but she also witnessed the poverty and hardship rife in the Moroccan streets. This go-getter knew entrepreneurship could be a key solution to this poverty. So, when she returned to the States, Terri-Lynn packed her suitcase and headed back to Canada, where she and Malcolm got to work launching One Earth.

These days, One Earth partners with more than 600 artisans throughout the world. But the website does more than stock ethically produced, fair-trade products; One Earth works side by side with its artisan creators to help them make an income. By working with One Earth’s independent consultants, these artisans are given the opportunity to not only make money for themselves and their families, but to also see their handcrafted products reach homes all over the world.

One Earth has become a true family business, with Terri-Lynn’s mom and brother joining her and her father as employees of the company. By focusing on the company’s mission to alleviate poverty throughout the world, this enterprising family is delivering the world to your doorstep, one handcrafted artisan product at a time.


Terri-Lynn Woodhouse might be Canadian, but she thinks and acts globally, something the indomitable Dalai Lama no doubt encourages. He said:

“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

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